Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher

5.1 Oaklahoma Earthquake During 'Earthquake Simulation' 10-13-10

(Oct. 13) -- Sooner shakeup! Residents of Oklahoma were jolted this morning by something entirely unexpected: an earthquake that struck the state around 9 a.m. local time, damaging several buildings, causing minor injuries and rattling people in five other states.

Despite not being well known for its earthquakes among laypeople, Oklahoma actually attracted enough geological interest from scientists that several researchers from universities around the country happened to be simulating an earthquake of their own on the very same day that the real quake struck, though they say that was just a coincidence.
As NewsOn6 reported: As for the coincidence of Wednesday's test, the researchers found it amusing and maybe just bit appropriate. "We call ourselves earthquake engineers, maybe we engineer earthquakes," Dr. Bob Nigbor [UCLA] said [here]. A joke, we suspect."
re: "maybe we engineer earthquakes"?

This incident in Okalahoma of a supposedly 'real' earthquake occurring on the same day as the testing of a 'simulated' earthquake, with the involvement of "several researchers from universities around the country", makes clear the fact that the 'earthquake' making business is actually a thriving little industry.

An amazing thought when it is seen how the NWO strategists of global conquest have been able to use the many recent devasting quakes to their great advantage...

see: New Zealand Quake Update: After 'Chaos', 'New Order' Dictatorship Being Tested 10-14-10 "New Zealand government uses earthquake to enact sweeping new powers" [see post]
and: "Corporate Globalization" And...Haiti 1-15-10 " Efforts to build a nation in 1990s were disappointing • We have been going into Haiti for about a century, and we will go back...without fail."

also: NWO Passes U.S. Financial Takeover Bill, Washington Quakes 7-17-10

and [bomb-quakes?]: Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives 1-24-10 "Israel will create a controlled explosion of 80 tons of explosive material, which will simulate the intensity of a tremor after an earthquake of Magnitude 3."
A joke?
Luke 6:45 "...for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh"

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