NWO's Mortgage/Economic Chaos Growing, As Designed

The Securities Industry and Financial Association said Monday that a "systemwide moratorium on all foreclosures" would be "catastrophic."
"It must be recognized that the mortgage market, investors and the health of the economy are all inter-related," Tim Ryan, president and CEO, of SIFA, said in a statement. "Investors in the housing market -- including American workers with pension funds, 401k plans, and mutual funds -- would unjustly suffer losses in their savings from these actions."
re: 'system-wide moratorium...catastrophic'

No sooner does one round of fabricated system-destroying 'chaos' end then the next one starts up. Financial collapses, swine flus, BP oil spills, just to name a few, and on it goes. Chaos and more chaos. And so now comes 'Mortgage Market Meltdown 20-10' (3M-10), that we are told is, along with it's potential for significant accompanying collateral damage e.g. pensions, 401k's, mutual funds, etc., threatening to destroy "the health of the economy".

Funny thing about that is that destroying the American economy is exactly what the NWO-ers must do before the 'no-longer needed' USA can be absorbed into their authoritarian global system.

Conclusion? The set-up is definitely on. Still too early to know exactly how this will play out, but from all accounts what is very clear at this point is that the real estate industry chaos is growing exponentially. Also clear is that the NWO-ers will methodically proceed according to the script. The end goal? The news is not good as it looks very much like the Cabalist-message has already been sent [see 'update' above; i.e. #23] - time for the 'privately controlled' mortgage-market to be 'put-down'.
Cui bono? The 'beast' will own it all.
This scam will be methodical. It most likely will be messy. And it has only just begun. Be as wise as the NWO serpents [Matthew 10:16].
see: NWO: Shutting Down America Piece By Piece 12-18-08
1TIMOTHY 6:10 'For the love of money is the root of all evil'

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