Next Up: NWO Mortgage-Chaos Hoax Takes Center Stage; States 'Coordinating'

Update on: NWO's Mortgage/Economic Chaos Growing, As Designed 10-11-10 "This scam will be methodical. It most likely will be messy. And it has only just begun." [see post]
Every State To Participate In Massive Investigation Into Possibly 'Deceptive' Foreclosure Practices

Regulators from all 50 states are launching a coordinated investigation into possibly "deceptive" and "unfair" foreclosure practices that may have illegally evicted families from their homes.

A bipartisan group of state attorneys general from 49 states and financial regulators from 39 states will work together to comb through foreclosure filings and documents from mortgage servicers to see if any state laws have been broken in the rush by services to kick borrowers out of their homes without following various state and local laws.

If they find systemic abuse -- which many experts say is a given in the current market due to the lack of investment by servicers and their desire to service mortgages on the cheap -- that inquiry may broaden to include an examination of even loan-level documents. Such a time-consuming investigation will likely lead to significant costs being borne by the nation's largest servicers, which also happen to be the nation's largest banks.

re: 'work together...may broaden'

As is most always the case with the NWO change-agent's b-plot to transition the U.S. into the global regional-government system, the modus operandi being used here to take over another facet of the U.S. economic order is as pathetically obvious as every one of the other invented scenarios designed to produce the 'new order'.
From undie-bomber set-ups to fake pig-flus to bogus oil-spills, to in this case the 'robo-foreclosure hoax', seeing the 'method in the madness' is an easy thing. Create the chaos, then come in with the pre-planned 'fix'. The fix is always 'consolidation', which puts all the power into the hands of the few i.e. self-appointed government agencies, which of course then morph themselves into dictatorial control. Simple as that.
And exactly what is happening here. 'Regulators' from every state in the nation are now involved, and a "coordinated investigation" has begun. All are pledged to "work together". Here is the beginning of 'consolidation'. And we are being told that the 'chaos' may likely go much deeper and broader, involving significant bank trouble, and that it will be "time consuming".
In other words a protracted chaotic NWO production to destroy the mortgage lending industry, and absorb it into the belly of the beast. Take cover. REV. 18:4
also: Mortgage Industry Down For The Count? Setup Is On 10-2-10
EZEKIEL 7:19 'They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD'

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