NWO Using World Series To Green-Indoctrinate World

Follow up on: Global 'Climate Change' Body Meets For First Time 4-4-10 "...the green agenda to control all activity on earth in dictatorial fashion is alive and well...[as]...an unaccountable green global body was birthed and has now hit the ground running" [see post, follow links]
MLB to go green during World Series
Rangers, Giants to help raise awareness about the environment
When the 106th World Series opens on Wednesday, MLB is once again putting the environment front and center on baseball's biggest stage.
Thanks to a special partnership between MLB and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), environmental issues will be highlighted again at the World Series. The 81st annual All-Star Game in Anaheim this past July featured many similar practices to raise awareness among fans, while putting on an environmentally friendly event.
The World Series special enterprise will cover the full spectrum from recycling efforts in and around the stadium itself, to raising awareness among fans with special online materials about how to become more environmentally sensitive. The league will also utilize "MLB Green Teams" during all the games to help collect refuse for proper handling and recycling.
Nearly every aspect of the games themselves and the fan experience are being produced in a way that strives to promote environmental sensitivity. Officials will prioritize recycled content material for the event itself, as well as utilize energy-efficient practices throughout.
re: 'Thanks to a special partnership...environment front and center'

Yes, thanks to a "special partnership", while enjoying that great American sports classic the 'World Series', multiplied millions of people in America and across the world will be further brainwashed into becoming unwitting participants in implementing the very micromanagement-system that the NWO intends to enslave them in.
As the author of the above article states, "The World Series special enterprise will cover the full spectrum". Very few understand what the "full spectrum" actually is though. It is the unrelenting go-green to save-the-earth lie. It is the draconian new world order scheme of Worldwide 'Radical Transformative Change' [see post], where every activity on the planet will be regulated and controlled in the name of the 'environment'. In this scheme, the self-deluded self-proclaimed elite* will enjoy absolute rule, while the masses, relegated to the status of property, are to be controlled like slaves and confined to a 'green' self-sustaining plantation-like existence [read 'low maintenance']. see: 1000-Village 'Climate Change' Plan 8-31-09
The plan is designed that through "special partnerships" every aspect of society would be infiltrated and then subjugated to the cause. The 'greening' even of the World Series is proof that this globalist agenda has now reached that goal. It has become all pervasive. Even the Series is now nothing more than a vehicle with which to propagandize the peons.
On a related note, as to professional sports, the current absurdity of NFL players with hot-pink shoes, gloves, and wristbands further demonstrates the all-pervasiveness of the dictatorial reach of the 'beast' through 'partnerships'.

Be absolutely aware. Guard against the propaganda because it is impossible to avoid anymore. Be not one of the brainwashed masses. Know who and what. The who are
Zionists. The what is make themselves gods of the earth. Believe it or not. Rev. 18:4
see also: Pope, World Religions to Form 'Climate Change Plans' 7-27-09 "As all the world is to be forced to submit to the control of these globalists, the unrelenting climate change propaganda being used to achieve that end will be virtually impossible for anyone to avoid."
*Isaiah 47:10 'For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am , and none else beside me'

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