Did Trump Say Inject Bleach? - It's The 'Chaos Plan' ...On Purpose To "Make You Tired"  [vid]


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Put it this way - if he said it - it was not an accident. Everything said to the public is carefully scripted - no mistakes are being made on the live mic - this folks is the world's biggest-ever psyop - every detail has a kaballah reason w/ numerolgy of dates, times etc. all planned in. Trump is the 777 (number of ordo-ab-chao - jewish gematria) and without question reading all his lines like a good-boy right on cue.

"Trump Derangement Syndrome" [TDS]? - All part of the 'OAC' plan: make you
tired, distract you, get attention off the main subject, etc. ...i.e. cause chaos


Compare: 10-1-17 Mandalay Bay - Jason Aldean - Illuminati card  [see also other LV links on page]

Rev. 18:4


Christsfreeservnt said...
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tom m. said...


..sorry but just can't post all those ESV verses - that would be the same as me promoting it - which will never happen because i'm in strong opposition to it - because it is a perversion of the inerrant Word of God (sorry too to see you using it)

Westcott/Hort versions (like the esv) are deadening - the Holy Ghost has rejected all of them.