As Above So Below: Notre Dame 'Spire-Fire' Symbolizes End Of 'Traditional Catholicism' - Rebuild To Symbolize New NWO Version 'CathoMormIsLGBT-ism'

Millions in Notre-Dame Donations Pour In as France Focuses on Rebuilding

PARIS — Days after a fire tore through Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France on Wednesday started to focus on reconstruction, with President Emmanuel Macron having set the ambitious goal of rebuilding the Gothic landmark within five years and donations pouring in from around the world.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said after a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday that the government would organize an international architecture competition to design a spire after Notre-Dame’s own collapsed in the fire on Monday and crashed through the cathedral’s vaulted ceiling. But he said it remained uncertain whether the lost spire — which was added in the 19th century — would be replaced.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, probably the most iconic representation of the Catholic religion in all the world. Suddenly, a fire-in-the-spire, and in short order, the entire world watching. And just as quickly, before the watching world could even fathom what they were seeing, in as dramatic of a fashion as were possible, down came the blazing spire. What just happened said the watching world.

The answer to that question is as simple of a one as they come in the world of kabbalistic ordo-ab-chao as-above-so-below symbolic-event-planning. The old order must always be destroyed - burned to the ground - sometimes literally, but always figuratively, as this is the only way the new-order can "rise" from the ashes of the old.

In this case, literally. And seemingly a controlled burn, for the first consideration. The spire and the roof primarily, the rest not so much. Notre Dame was not wiped out, but made ready for an 'upgrade', so to speak. Symbolism, always symbolism. The symbolism here, the burning spire of the iconic Notre Dame cathedral crashing to the ground, conveying clearly the message that the old-order of 'Traditional Catholicism' is now finished; and the rest of the cathedral still standing, bringing vows to rebuild, declaring plainly it's own message - that a new version is to be made to rise from the ashes.

A new version of 'Catholicism' for the would-be new-world is what the as-above-so-below Spire-On-Fire Notre Dame Ritual was all about. And what might the new version of new-world Catholic look like? That too is simple: CathoMormIsLGBT-ism (for starters).

The new-world conglomereligion is already well on it's way:

- Mormon: First Ever Pope - Mormon Meeting 3-9-19 - 33 Minutes Long; Mormons Dedicate New Rome Temple Featuring Moroni (on the spire) 3-10-19 [note on this: Mormon/Catholics negotiating partnership (note especially 33min meeting); and as the Mormons get a brand new temple in Rome just 5-weeks ago with fallen-angel 'Moroni' on the new spire just raised (see below) - the Catholic spire burns down]

- Islam: Pope Signs New Catholic-Muslim Document of Brotherhood 2-12-19 "...historic joint statement on human fraternity" [says the Catholic-Islam religious merger]

- LGBT: First Ever: Vatican Hangs 'LGBT Welcome' Sign On Catholic Church - Reject The Bible And Serve Baal Say They 6-24-18

Catholic church: Don't need no bible just bow to Baal  [2 Kings 17:16; 1Cor. 6:9-10]

see also: 2018 Superbowl 'Allah Mary Buddha Hashem' Toyota Antichrist-One-World-Religion Commercial


Belong to the coming new-world conglomereligion? The one that bows to Baal. Only answer is get out...now.  [Jer. 51:6; Rom 10:13]

And there he is...Mormon Moroni atop the new Rome Mormon temple - dedicated 3-10-19

Rev. 18:4
4-21-19 update: Everything Scripted: Simpsons Foretell Notre Dame 2007 - Episode Also Shows Meteorite Strike [Video]


Christsfreeservnt said...

I captured a couple of quotes from a news article, but I didn't save the link to the article. One of the quotes was "From the ashes of Notre Dame, a reminder that even in Europe, nothing is forever." To me, that said it all. Another one said, "It's the history of the world that's united in this building." To me, that was another telling quote. It isn't just about the Roman Catholic Church. It is about the history of the world, and it is about the history of Christianity, in general, too. It is truly symbolic of the old order going up in flames and out of the ashes of the old order a new order will rise, and is rising.

tom m. said...

What this post is saying is that the direct significance, not the general, is the end of old-world-order religion, now to give way to the new world religion. In particular the Catholic world - which Notre Dame represents (and has no meaning to others) - as they are to be used as the base to which the others are to be joined. Catholics, more than any others, hundreds of millions of them worldwide, will be directly impacted as the coming of the new-religion this event signals, replaces their old one. For the Mormons and LGBT the event is a plus, it means acceptance (and same for other religions). For Islam also - it means acceptance in the western world.

For a large percentage of the world's people, they will for the most part be completely unaffected by this dramatic Notre Dame event.

Linda said...


Notre Dame en Feu: God Takes Back What Is His
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The Burning of Notre Dame Cathedral: A Tragic Symbol for …
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church militant and remnant sites on the antipope francis

Linda said...


"Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered: and them that hate Him flee from before His Holy Face" Psalm 67:2

We don't have a say in it, is what I am thinking. Look what happened to St. Mary's in Rhode Island.

Once they have been taken over by new order, that is what you get. Destruction.
Isn't life site.news new order?

It's always been the teaching of the Church that the true 3rd Temple is the Holy Tabernacle housing Our Lord, and the "Temple" to come in Jerusalem will be a false temple. Even the schismatics believe their Tabernacles are the true 3rd Temple, the point being that this teaching and understanding of the factual 3rd Temple of God is organic, even predating the Great Schism.
The glory of this week: Jesus hour has come for you.

This week is what Christianity is all about. We cannot reach God, so He comes down to us. He becomes our sin. It is Holy Week. Let’s follow on, because as painful as it may get, the smell of lilies will soon be in the air.

Wave your palm branches and sing your hosannas. And to celebrate properly, take the long-view. See where this week ends. He has answered your prayer. Find a place that tells the story this week, not because you don’t know the story, but because you love the story, and through the story He loves you.

Let this week heal your sin-sick soul, bind up your broken heart, restore your courage and your faith. Do not merely weep for your Lord, but rejoice and sing Hosanna. The will of the Father is seen on the cross. The Name of the Father is glorified there. Life through death. The old has gone, the new has come. And you are his.


The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.
Jesus’ hour has come. For you. Hosanna in the highest!

tom m. said...

Linda...the above two comments ...what is all that? - (1st) "God takes back what is his" and (2nd) "true 3rd temple is the Holy Tabernacle housing our Lord" and "great schism", and the rest of it - that is all Catholic doctrine is it not.

None of that is found in scripture. Here is another error from the above comment (2nd) - you write "He becomes our sin". That is a misinterpretation of scripture, and it is dangerously incorrect. The Word of God does not say the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ "becomes our sin". The verse is 2 Cor 5:21. What it says is:

'For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him'

'made' and 'become' there is a difference - "made" - meaning to 'stand in the place of' for a time; "become" suggests something that is changed permanently - i.e. become something else.

The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did not "become our sin". To say this is heretical.

(note also 1st comment: He, the LORD God Almighty did not/would not claim any ownership of the Notre Dame ["our Lady" - dedicated to the 'Virgin Mary'] cathedral. The Lord God never had anything to do with it from it's beginning. The Catholic religion is wholly unscriptural. Catholic teaching very much defies scripture - that is a fact. Also - the fire was an act of men to serve their own agenda)

Anyway, why so persistent wanting to post your Catholicism here. This is the wrong place - this blog is not catholic - as has been stated clearly in answering many of your previous comments. Catholicism and biblical Christianity are not compatible. Catholicism is actually antithetical to biblical Christianity. Which leaves the only option to refute pro-Catholic promoters.