Canada 'Released The Kraken' Feb. 2020 [Coin] - Just Before WHO Global Pandemic Declaration 3-11-20 - Leviathan Ritual

"Release the Kraken". On-again off-again Trump attorney Sydney Powell drew enormous attention using the phrase six weeks back 11-13-20. Turned out 'the Kraken' was a giant sea monster, the line taken from a 2010 movie 'Clash of the Titans'. Her use of the phrase on the surface was in reference to the business of the 'stolen election' and the perpetrators. But is there actually another and even more cryptic meaning? Well, in a strange twist, turns out that Canada actually did "release the Kraken" - a new silver coin - back in late February of this year 2020:
2020 2oz Silver Canada Creatures of the North Kraken - Awesome Beast From The Depths!

The Royal Canadian Mint is excited to introduce the inaugural release of their new 2 oz silver...Creatures of the North series. The series is poised to release two coins annually, primarily focused on exploring the monsters of which old-world legends abounded. As a legal tender offering by the Royal Canadian Mint, the obverse of this 2020 2oz Silver Canada Creatures of the North Kraken BU coin displays the right-facing effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

New Series First Coin 'The Kraken' Release Year 2020

The reverse features the massive, legendary beast of the sea, which mariners of old trembled even to whisper its name; the Kraken! The design is quite remarkable, following the belief that this monster sea creature was, or at least resembled a gigantic deep ocean squid. However, the scale of the Kraken compared to the ocean-going ship is massively larger than the ship. The creature is shown effortlessly ripping the helpless ship in two with its tentacles. This was indeed a legendary monster to be feared!

A brand new coin series "Creatures of the North", the very first coin of the new series released late February 2020. And the very first creature featured on the very first coin just so happened to be the 'Kraken', the sea-beast that wreaks havoc on the people of the world. Interesting timing, considering that a few weeks later 3-11-20 WHO declared 'Corona' a global pandemic. And as the world has now experienced, Corona has been a sea-monster wreaking havoc across the seas in every country. How then should the 'release of the Kraken' coin not be seen as a symbolic ritualistic hidden-message of the creation and purpose of Fake-Corona? Seems that 'Kraken' is probably intended to symbolize the biblical beast-from-the-sea Leviathan [Rev. 13:1].

The tell hidden-in-plain-sight as always. Take note.
 see video 'Canada releases the Kraken':


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Isaiah 27:1 'In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea'

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