How To Dress For A Fake Pandemic - Make A Fashion Statement

Depending on location - worldwide many are being forced under threat of heavy fines and/or imprisonment to 'play along' with the make-believe "corona" pandemic-illusion-delusion by having to do things like, for instance, wearing a face-mask to simply go into a store to buy groceries. And everyone is being subjected to the new social-distancing game with the crowds now moving about completely brainwashed, terrified to even come close to each other. Well then, if this is how it goes - a person might just have to consider making a statement by making a fashion-statement for the occasion:

* 'non-herd' messages of course can be modified, also any type of face mask may be used

This post a follow up on: "Covid19" Scam Is NWO Cattle-Training 3-27-20 "Are you trained yet? Fearfully following the new Trump Covid19-guidelines to "protect you from dying". Be not conformed to the 'new paradigm' of total lies - it is krafted to enable the 'very-few' to control completely ALL the 'masses'... Everybody needs to be on board - "we're all in this together" - isn't that what they keep saying... You're just part of the herd now - that's the new-paradigm you're supposed to accept without even realizing it. Everybody must do exactly what they are told. You must do exactly what everyone else does. Uniformity, obedience, is what they are aiming to accomplish here. The programming for this is now underway... Never consent to being herd-programmed. [see post]

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Never say moo...  Rev. 18:4

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