'Gay Leaders', Trans-Kids, Now Girls Can Join 'Boy' Scouts -- CEO 'Sir-Bow' Making Minions To Bow-To-Baal

Boy Scouts will allow girls to join

"The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls," Boy Scouts of America said in a statement. "[T]he organization evaluated the results of numerous research efforts, gaining input from current members and leaders, as well as parents and girls who've never been involved in Scouting -- to understand how to offer families an important additional choice in meeting the character development needs of all their children."

"Today the BSA opens a new chapter in our history," tweeted the Boy Scouts' Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh*.

The Boy Scouts' announcement fell on the International Day of the Girl, designated by the United Nations in 2012 as a day to discuss and celebrate equal opportunities for young women around the globe.

Another "historic" announcement from the "Boy Scouts of America".. oh boy.. uh, oh something.. what could it be.. what could it be this time? Allow girls to join? Well not a big surprise really is it - what else was there left to do to finalize the transition of the BSA into a genderless incubator for the Baal-bowing-Zwo minion-making agenda after the last two "historic" announcements - namely turning the young boys over to 'Gay-Leaders' in July 2015, and then January of this year 2017 adding the trans-factor to the mix:

7-27-15  It's Final: 45-12 Boy Scouts Of America (1910-2015) Sacrificed On Altar Of Homosexual Agenda "'The Boy Scouts of America...voted Monday to lift its ban on openly gay troop leaders and employees. According to the Boy Scouts’ statement, 79 percent of board members voted in favor of the resolution...45 people were in favor, 12 were opposed' -- Boy Scouts now an organization to promote homosexual mentor-ship of young boys...Boy Scouts of America 1910-2015 [link] RIP"

*1-31-17  Woe Woe Woe: Boy Scouts To Now Accept Fake Boys i.e. Girls - BSA 'Bowing to Baal' Making 'Minion' Scouts "'In a surprise announcement, the Boy Scouts of America said that it will begin accepting transgender boys who want to join its scouting programs...' -- the one and only true purpose for it. Eliminate the alpha-male from society [link1; link2] ... This is an absolute psychological warfare on all humanity. And Boy Minion Scouts prime facilitators. -- And there is only one possible way to explain it, and that way is found in the name of "Chief Scout Executive" Michael Surbaugh:  Sir 'bow to Baal'

Boy girl choose-your-own whatever...minion-making is the only plan [see: minion birth certificate] ...all to be Baal-bowing 666 mark-taking subservient slaves of the beast [Rev. 13:8]. This is how they are trying to make it happen. Still somewhat surreal...but...not that much anymore. 2017 you are there. Counter it all in your mind and heart...and: Rev. 18:4
Deut. 12:31 '...for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods'


Anonymous said...

Just read on another blog the following in the news (ESPN)...GAME OVER: PRESIDENT TRUMP WINS AGAIN AS NFL NOW TELLS TEAM OWNERS ‘EVERYONE STAND FOR NATIONAL ANTHEM’ And then part of your closing statement..."all to be Baal-bowing 666 mark-taking subservient slaves of the beast [Rev. 13:8]."

This is another layer of conditioning for all the sheeple to stand, bow, etc. to allegiance upon demand. No one can opt out! It is mandatory! Who will this allegiance be to...none other than the coming antichrist. Yet many still continue, blindly I might add, to praise the POTUS for his loyalty and allegience to the good 'ol USA. Wake up sheeple.

tom m. said...

re: "...blindly I might add, to praise the POTUS"

And it is not even the 'strong delusion' yet