'Irma' Agenda Playing Out: Miami Forcing Homeless Into Shelters With Psych-Evals For Non-Compliant

Miami shelters homeless against their will as Irma closes in

[excerpted] "...social workers and police officers are giving Miami's estimated 1,100 homeless people a stark choice: Come willingly to a storm shelter, or be held against their will for a mental health evaluation.

"We're going out and every single homeless person who is unwilling to come off the street, we are likely going to involuntarily Baker Act them," said Ron Book, chairman of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust.

Invoking the "Baker Act" — a law that enables authorities to institutionalize patients who present a danger to themselves or others - Under the law, they can be held up to 72 hours before the state would have to go to court to prolong their detention.

Officials said it is the first time Miami has invoked the law for hurricane preparedness.

One older man pushing his belongings in an empty wheelchair in Bayfront Park tried to wave them off..."What's your name?" asked Dr. Mohammad Nisar, a psychiatrist who was looking for evidence of mental illness, a necessary factor for a Baker Act detention...Finally, the man was handcuffed without a struggle and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.

First time ever done for "hurricane preparedness". Those deemed by an 'expert' to demonstrate mental illness i.e. "a danger to themselves or others" - is the wording - to be held for a 72-hour psych-eval. And then after that a court order would be needed to hold them longer.

And if they don't 'pass' those forced psych-evals, and the Miami-psychs get the court order - what then. Who will ever know.

"Hurricane preparedness" to remove undesirables from society? There is definitely a precedent being set here. Mark the occasion - Miami 2017


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Rev. 18:4

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