Precedent Set: Jail For Wrong 'Transgender Pronouns' Passed In CA - SB219 On Jerry Brown's Desk (Slam Dunk)

This is a follow up on: CA Senate Bill 219 Includes 1-Year Jail For Not Playing Transgender-Pronoun Game -- Taking Agenda To Next Level 8-7-17 "SB 219, titled the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident's Bill of Rights...It imposes fines and jail time on any long-term care employee who refuses to use transgender pronouns. Fines for repeat offenders could be as high as $1,000 and a jail term of up to a year. There are no exemptions for long term care facilities run by religious institutions who integrate their beliefs about gender into their policies and practices" ... Here we go. Jail time for refusing to play along with the new-transgender-world-disorder. While not on the books just yet, 'jail' is now officially part of the discussion. And without question if it does get to the CA governor's desk it's a slam dunk..."
As stated above..."here we go" - potential jail time for rebelling against the ntwo new-trans-world-order agenda is literally just moments away from becoming a reality. The California state legislature has passed San Francisco Senator 'Wiener's' [yes that is a definite kabalist use of the 'name game' - one of their favorite ways to mock the 'goyim/cattle'] "transgender pronoun" bill and it now sits on Zwo gold-star Rubber-Stamper CA governor Jerry Brown's desk waiting to to be rubber-stamped into permanent world changing 'law'.

These two articles give the basic need-to-know details:

California Legislative Wrap-Up – Next Stop: Governor’s Desk! 9-19-17
[excerpted] The Legislature worked into the wee hours of the morning Saturday as it hit its deadline to pass legislation and send bills to Governor Brown for signature or veto ... Which Bills Are on the Governor’s Desk? -- [for one:] SB 219 (Wiener) – LGBT Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights – This bill would prohibit skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, and residential care facilities from taking specified actions based on a resident’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status, including refusing to use a resident’s preferred name or pronoun.

California Legislature Passes Bill To Punish Elder-Care Workers Who Don’t Use Trans Pronouns 9-15-17
[excerpted] State representatives elected by the special, especially tan snowflakes of the Golden State have just passed the nation’s first state laws governing pronoun usage ... SB 219, which passed the State Assembly on September 12 and has already passed the Senate, proposes to fine or jail employees of long-term or intermediate care facilities who repeatedly and willfully refuse to use a preferred gender pronoun. There Are No Religious Exemptions In SB 219 ... But at least this only applies to a specific type of facility, right? It’s not like everyone in the state will be required to use preferred pronouns? Yes, the bill would only apply to skilled nursing, long-term and intermediate care facilities right now, but you know that’s how progressives prop the door open to a more radical agenda down the road ... It demands conformity and obedience to the narrative ... In this case, it is forcing someone to either use pronouns that do not correspond to their intrinsic organic identity as male or female, or contrive their communication so as to refrain from using pronouns at all.

Brave New World? Jail for not playing the would-be Antichrist kabalist-kingdom-kome no-gender game definitely qualifies for BNW designation. The precedent is now set. Probably not long before a first 'mis-pronoun offender goes-to-jail' is play-acted as an object-lesson for all the world to 'learn' from.

September 2017 you are living it. Be informed - only going to get continually darker from here [Isaiah 60:2]. Maranatha.

Rev. 18:4

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