'Hurricane Irma' Sucking Up The Ocean Bahamas, Tampa Bay A Psyop Hoax For Man Made 'Storm Surge' Agenda

This post is a follow up on: 'Irma' An MSM 'Virtual' Storm - With Real Man-Made Destruction? Tsunami-Bomb 'Storm Surges' For Agenda21? 9-8-17 "Was 'Harvey' a 'Virtual Storm'? - 'Virtual Storms' only exist on the msm tv screens - see links @ [post]. Opening dams and reservoirs that nobody can see makes real floods though. And 'tsunami-bombs' make so-called "storm surges" [link]. And so now here comes so-called 'Hurricane Irma' with huge coast-destroying storm-surges a certainty, says msm-central, although still days away. Hurricanes have come and gone in the past and never was there anything called a 'storm surge'. Nobody ever heard of a 'storm surge' probably until 'Virtual-Storm Sandy' - when an absolutely anomalous 'big wave' came out of nowhere and took out/washed out NYC. Suddenly it was storm surge storm surge - and has been ever since. Wind blowing over water does not displace water. Virtual storms to bring about real man-made destruction? To accomplish radical Agenda21 goals? Take any size hurricane (or an average tropical storm even) and throw how ever many 'storm surges' in there, it's an easy recipe for instant devastation of selected coastal areas - Agenda21 style..." [see post, photos, links]
Where's the most catastrophic hurricane of all time? The one that was the supposed reason for the "mandatory evacuation" of literally millions. Forced mass exodus the likes of which has never been seen. Entire-city population-evacuation drill? All the videos of actual live footage look like a run-of-the-mill tropical storm. That aside, the so-called storm surge hype has without question been taken to heretofore unseen levels. To the point of stories coming from the Bahamas, and now Tampa Bay, purportedly showing how 'Monster Irma' has been sucking up the entire ocean. Below is a screenshot of one of the typical articles being put out, with the now infamous sucked-dry Bahama beach/pier photo which no doubt all have been exposed to:

Screenshot source: link

"Hurricane Irma...moving the ocean" says the title to the article. Many others similar. A hurricane moving the ocean? That is something very new. But is such a thing even possible, or is this a massive psyop hoaxHow much does 'the ocean' weigh anyway?

Below is edited from a comment [link] from the Tsunami Bomb/Storm Surge post linked at top on this exact topic. The comment was a response to a reader's observations on the reports of receding oceans - the response stating the opinion that the videos are fake and are being used to push the storm surge narrative i.e. psyop the masses to believe the storm-surge narrative - the purpose for which is as described in the TB/SS post at top...namely as an 'explanation' for what are really man-made storm-surges for Agenda21 goals i.e coastal reclamation:

"Seen the videos, especially the first one which has been spread all over the www. Both cell phone videos - both totally fake (digital-trickery) imo. The only reason these can have been put out is to push the storm surge narrative i.e. psyop the masses to believe the storm-surge narrative.

Proof: In the history of hurricanes - why has nothing like this supposed 'water receding' ever been seen or filmed before?*

Answer: because it is absolutely fake. No hurricane (msm 'virtual' hurricanes can do anything though) is going to suck up the 'whole ocean' and hold it. How much weight is that again? [sucking up the whole ocean - exactly the claim now being made -- see post linked below*]

Not just the top surface waters but the whole ocean (beaches gone dry) is what they are now pushing. False false false absolutely impossible. Wind does not displace water. It blows over water.

When water is displaced it will rush back in immediately. If it were in fact possible that an 'area of ocean' could in fact be 'sucked up', the rest of the ocean would still rush back in immediately to fill the void. Unless, as is supposed to be the case, the hurricane is so magically strong [exactly the claim now being made] that it can actually suck up the entire ocean and hold every drop of water back by it's power.

The never before known new-fangled threat to the people of earth - the mysterious storm surge - is simply not hydrodynamically possible.

[but] explosive generated displacement is easily accomplished"

*Note: On the statement in the above comment (2nd paragraph) stating the fact that never before has this phenomenon of 'hurricane-related receding-oceans' been seen or filmed or even heard of, this TIME magazine article dated today 9-10-17, after repeating the 'brand new' hurricanes-can-suck-up-the-ocean public-conditioning propaganda, then makes the claim that there was actually this one time long long ago when it happened before:

Hurricane Irma Is So Powerful it Sucked Ocean Water Away in the Bahamas
"[TIME] Over the weekend, several Twitter users posted videos and photos of what was left after the water seemingly disappeared during Hurricane Irma...The eerie phenomenon came as a result of the powerful hurricane. The center of the storm has low pressure that draws water upward, according to the Washington Post .. "Low pressure is basically a sucking mechanism ... "As the storm draws water toward the center, it gets pulled away from the surroundings" ... Wayne Neely, a forecaster with the Bahamas Department of Meteorology, wrote in a post on Facebook that this phenomenon previously occurred during a hurricane affecting Acklins Island in the Bahamas in 1936"

That's it. One only alleged case in hurricane-history of 'hurricane-related ocean-receding' claimed, all the way back in 1936, which of course means it is totally unverifiable. And what about Tampa Bay supposedly receding? How many people were even there if everybody had been evacuated - insiders only? Who would have seen it - and how is it that the best that could be produced of the supposed event was a few cell phone videos (same goes for Bahamas)? Hollywood could make little videos like that all day long with zero effort. Not admissible in court.

Fact is 'Irma' has produced at best less than impressive actual footage. But that doesn't stop for a minute the team-msm storm surge narrative. Be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next couple of days.

6'-8' or 10'-15' or 20' storm surge going to submerge your beach house and possibly go miles inland and wreck the whole town? That's the now totally-normalized narrative. As always, cui bono.

One thing more. The 'Storm Surge' is here to stay. 'Minions' are not to be allowed to live in beach communities according to A21 specs.

Live near an ocean anywhere on the globe...definitely take note.

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 5:22 'Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?'

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