Tonga Tsunami 1-15-22 Occult Numerology Signature 115 - Tsunamis Man Made aka Tsunami Bombs; A21 Land Grab 1999 Rescue Heroes Fukushima

[updated]  NWO being built by geoengineering destruction by every means. Destroy it then move in and take it for yourself. Island paradise locations especially desirable to the tare-gang* - see: Bahamas. As for tsunamis every incident is further conditioning for 'sudden-ocean-inunadation' to be seen as a 'normal occurrence' - which it is not. Naturally-occurring tsunamis would be extremely rare [Jer. 5:22]. Real tsunamis are not another 'new normal' in other words. Agenda 21 says all 'serf'-ers to be cleared out of coastal regions globally. On or near a coastline anywhere on the planet? be aware... (on the coasts drown it, in the hills burn-it is the m-o)

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The 1-15-22 Tongan tsunami was reported to have been a direct hit on the largest Island of Tonga named Tongatapu. Interesting thing in that regard: The event has a definite numerology fingerprint. Calculated using the most basic form of gematria of A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on, the name Tongatapu adds up to a total of 115 - which just so happens to match exactly the date of the event 1/15:

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Too coincidental to be coincidence. Always is. Reality is that nothing new-world-order is done without numerology. By the numbers. It's sorcery aka kabbala. The devil-gang* trying to take over the planet it's what they do. Tongatapu - done by the numbers.

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Rev. 18:4
*Matthew 13:38 'The field is the world... the tares are the children of the wicked one'

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