Stolen Election 'The Script' Still Playing Out - AZ Audit Done 1st State: Breakup Of USA The Agenda; Trump Birthday; WWIII; 'Deep State'

AZ Audit: Hand Recount Will be COMPLETE TODAY – Rumblings of Future State Audits

The hand counting portion of the Arizona Audit is finally concluding with the last boxes of ballots on the floor. We should have a hand count result in about a week and with the discrepancies found so far, it does not look like we will find all 2.1 million ballots certified in Maricopa County. At least, that is what we are hearing. If we do not find the ballots, we do not have evidence that Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of Arizona. On Saturday, former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens told The Gateway Pundit that, if there are not enough ballots in Arizona, legislators must stand up and decertify the results:

NO BALLOTS = NO VICTORY “I Think We’re Going to See a Freight Train of Audits Across the Country” -- We are keeping our eyes on two states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, which may start audits as early as next month.

In Georgia [see below*], there will be a court hearing next Monday for Fulton County’s ballots. An audit of Fulton County, Georgia absentee ballots could start within 2 or 3 weeks after as Georgia elections expert Garland Favorito told TGP. But that is only if there is no more delay in the courts.

*Georgia [local source]: Fulton County Election Official Admits Chain of Custody Documents Missing for 2020 Absentee Ballots Deposited in Drop Boxes

In a stunning admission about the critical chain of custody documents for absentee ballots deposited into drop boxes in the November 3, 2020 election, a Fulton County election official told The Georgia Star News on Wednesday that “a few forms are missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”

This is the first time that any election official at either the state or county level from a key battleground state has made an admission of significant error in election procedures for the November 3, 2020 election. The admission of missing chain of custody documents by a Fulton County official is important for several reasons that cut to the very core of public confidence in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election: President Biden was certified as the winner of Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes in the 2020 election by the narrow margin of less than 12,000 votes over former President Donald Trump out of a total of 5 million votes cast statewide.


[updated 6-16]  Stolen Election 2020 "The Script". What percentage of the population is even aware that the 2020 'stolen election' drama is not over? Or that a "forensic audit" i.e. hand-recount has been going on in the state of Arizona, and that today June 14, 2021 that 'audit' is to be finished - which just so happens to be Trump's birthday - 75th. What kind of 'weird' coincidence is that? Answer: It's a show - start to finish. Kaballah numerology always part of the production. The significance in this instance who knows who cares really - but the 75th birthday and first audit finished 6-14-21 ..must be some significance to it in the darkened minds of the dark-magic kaballists who craft these schemes to bring about their d/evil agendas.
[see: A21 megaregions; click image to enlarge]
And an agenda it is. A massive agenda. A monumental agenda like nothing anybody now alive on this planet has ever seen. It is "Stolen Election 2020". The purpose of this biggest-of-all-time agenda is nothing less than the actual breakup of the USA. Even of those relatively-few who are aware that 'Stolen-Election 2020' is not-over but still being played-out, the majority of these do not understand that the entire thing is a scripted production - and that the true purpose is literally the breakup of the United States of America. Most of these are believing it's all real and hoping for 'better days' when the 'truth comes out' and Trump will save the USA. But it is not real and that is not the plan. See the image above. Everybody corralled like cattle in the mega-regions, controlled and owned like hunger-games slaves, is the only agenda. How does anybody suppose that could happen? Answer: It cannot unless the breakup of the USA happens first...

And so enter 'Stolen Election 2020'. Ridiculously scripted fumbling bumbling stolen election leaving obvious clues and evidence everywhere is how this script has been written. So obvious that it would be impossible to not discover it, and, once discovered, impossible that it could not be easily proven to have been stolen - if if if - the opportunity could just be made possible. But of course, the way the script is written, the perpetrators, i.e. the so-called "Deep State", the enemies of all that is good and wholesome, have too much power and control and cannot be stopped -- or at least so they think (as goes the plot).

Stolen Election the actors and plot: Here is where Trump comes in. Trump is the good guy - the 'white hat'. He will save the USA from the 'Deep State'. Biden (mumbling stumbling all part of the act) is the bad guy - black hat - a deep state puppet. The "Deep State" theme goes much deeper in this plot though then is generally understood. The deep state is not just the "radical left". The "Deep State" story line is that China is behind it all. China masterminded the election steal and installed Biden. Biden is a 'China-operative' (along with Hunter). China has infiltrated the US Government and has managed to gain control at every level - including the US court system all the way to the Supreme Court. Here is the reason why no courts would hear any 2020 election challenges, state or federal, brought by Trump and supporters - according to the fairy-tale script of stolen election 2020. Yes it's true people, China did it, and pillow-guy Mike Lindell has all the computer digital evidence and documentation with graphs and charts and IP addresses recorded in real time - all tracing back to China. Absolute Proof it is - and he's got a few videos named just that, revealing it all. But for whatever reason seems that info just can't quite get out. Not yet at least.

That is exactly how the script reads.

Here is where it stands now then. Arizona just did a 'recount'. The results are expected in a "couple of weeks". Do not be surprised if there were to be a few unexpected plot twists before any 'official results' are announced. This is a massive world-changing game being played. Many more states are supposedly preparing to do their own audits. This would take some time. Think for a moment here of the implications were the news to break that the 2020 presidential election was in fact to be declared invalid due to "foreign interference". It would without question be catastophic. The USA would at that very moment have no government at all. If that were to happen the only possible solution would be a military takeover of the country. Voila - 'stolen election' the script - mission accomplished.

The above is a brief overview of this situation. The scenario for massive ordo-ab-chao is in place. Ultimately it can be activated at any moment - if that is in fact the plan. Couple of things important to note: first the general population is still mostly not up to speed on these things. Before the massive agenda can be fully activated the 'sheeple' will need to be 'brought on board'. The process to make that happen may be underway. This will be done by gradually increasing the mainstream coverage. It seems to be already starting. For example note the 'news' coming out of Georgia all-of-a-sudden-like [article linked above]. Arizona news in a couple of weeks - depending on what they do with it - may really jump start the entire process. The people need to be 'educated' before the full-show goes live - for good reason. Think for a minute if the news were to come that China had infiltrated the US government, that the election was invalidated, that the US suddenly had no president, no government, and that the military was taking over. Yes the military taking over - but it is for your good because the USA has been attacked by a foreign power. In this scenario would not the people gladly accept military rule. Save us, protect us, etc.. That is exactly how this is set up. Question: once the military 'takes over'...when does it ever change back? That's right - it does not. The breakup of the USA. From there - well look at the mega-regions image again. Be on the way would they not...

And one more extremely important aspect not to be missed with this: sets up further causation to move toward the known agenda of the fake orchestrated make-believe Gog-Magog WWIII to take down entire existing world-system and replace it with the antichrist would-be zio-kingdom come [link]. China a key player in that production as the arch-villain. Made a virus (supposedly), tried to take over the USA... voila it's on [see: fake Gog-Magog]

Note also: a lot of buzz late 2020 before the 'stolen election' about a coming 'dark winter'. Did not materialize so much winter 2020-21, but, perhaps, they were referring to this coming winter 2021-22. Enough state recounts to really shake the foundation could possibly be done by then and the things in the below video 'Stolen Election - the Script' would still apply - be aware:


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Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'

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