It's Official NFL Gone 'Gay': "Football Is Gay Lesbian Queer Trans Bi" 6-28-21  [Vid] -- Game Over

NFL makes public statement June 28, 2021 "Football is gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, bi"

.. and the message sent is clear: any who do not support the new-sodom-order of the new-world-disorder... well, you are out.. bye bye. June 2021 you are there:


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Most will have seen or heard the news - it was all over everywhere - that just last week [6-21-21] for the first time ever an 'active' NFL player has come out and announced to the world that he is "gay" [link]. To get to this point - right out in the open blowing a trumpet about it and those who do not agree are the problem -- the program for the NFL has been in the works for many years. A few examples of the many steps taken to have come to this dark day:

NFL Players Union President Says Homosexual Athletes "Showing New Dimension Of Masculinity" 5-6-13 "I've been so proud to be a part of this segment of athletic history because we are taking this on and we are redefining masculinity and showing a new dimension of masculinity that I'm so proud to be a part of...' [NFLPA predident]"

The Effeminization Of America - And The NFL's 'Pretty In Pink' Agenda 10-21-13 "...seeing that the psychological manipulators of the NWO Social Programming Department have decided to take the "manly" "macho" "aggressive" sport of football and manipulate the viewing experience by dressing out the players, the referees, the TV personalities, and even the stadiums, in the feminine color of pink - is it possible to participate in this color-driven psychological social manipulation, just by even watching, without being affected 'psychologically'? Answer: it is not. It is impossible. To not reject...is to accept. To accept is to submit, willingly or unconsciously, to the mind warping gender-bending social conditioning program being foisted upon the sports-frenzied masses worldwide..."

NFL Gone Gay: NFL Patriots To Sponsor "Gay Bowl XVII" - October 5-8, 2017 In Sodom/Boston (1st Ever) 5-27-17 "It's over sports fans. Forever. No going back. No way to remain without 'going gay', as remaining will not be possible without saying 'gay is okay'. Sit down and watch...you are now watching the 'Gay Bowl' too. Pro sports and the LGBT gender-robbing androgynous-transgender 666-soulless-android minion-making global agenda ...are now 'teammates'. It's a package deal - every league every team ... War has been declared on 'the alpha-male'. They must be neutered for submissive servitude [see: Harry Connick Jr.] to the antichrist-worshiping self-appointed would-be global overlords. Sports going gay is just part of the strategy to accomplish the goal. Making you 'submit' is that goal [see: Neal Patrick Harris].

see all: gendercide agenda

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 13:19 'And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah'

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