Miami Condo 'Mystery Collapse' A Perfect Implosion i.e. Controlled Demolition -- Video  [Cui Bono? - A21]

Surfside, Miami-Dade Florida 6-24-21 Mysterious Unexplainable Condo 'Collapse' A Perfect Implosion

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Textbook perfect implosion plain as can be - building instantaneously broken into pieces as it collapses into it's own footprint - nice and neat at free-fall speed (no pancakes here) - both parts gone in 15 seconds total

100% Agenda 21 - move off the coasts sheeple - fake sea-level rising it's too dangerous - go to the sustainable cities and hurry up

This vid-post a follow up on:

Miami Condo Collapse Because Of "Sea Level Rise" Says NWO -- Agenda 21 Move Off Coasts Sheeple Too Obvious 6-25-21  "It's too obvious. Way too obvious. What is too obvious? Answer: How that a beachfront condo in Miami, Florida mysteriously collapses with no warning... and the conversation immediately turns to [fake] "climate change and sea level rise" as the cause, or at the least, as potential contributing factors -- which means that the incident plays perfectly into the known Agenda 21 goal of clearing coastal regions of human populations -- and so it is too obvious when what supposedly is too strange to explain, is in fact probably not too strange at all to explain. The way things appear suggests strongly the event had to have been engineered. *And that conclusion does not even take into consideration the fact that the collapse was a perfect implosion i.e. instantaneous collapse of the entire 12-story structure into it's own footprint - which is only possible in the real world by controlled demolition..."  [see full post]
Perfect collapse into it's own footprint ...it's a mystery says NWO - but could be "sea level rise"
*gaslighting - trying to convince people - the entire world in this case - that what they see with their own eyes, what is very obvious - is not what they know it is but that it is actually something else - and that they are "crazy" if they do not believe the 'official' explanation


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