ZWO Pushing 'Vitamin D For Covid'..But No Such Thing As 'Vit D' It Is Rat Poison Cholecalciferol.. Fake Vitamin For Fake Virus

[excerpt of 5-14-20 post:]

"Vitamin D" Hyped As 'Covid' Treatment - But Vitamin D Is Fake .. It Is Rat Poison 'Cholecalciferol' From A Lab

"Fake vitamin for fake virus. Something wrong in Houston - yes it appears that 'we' definitely have a problem... And what exactly is the problem? Answer: Short answer is that in reality there is no such thing as "Vitamin D". Longer answer is that this fictional "Vitamin D" has long been touted as the "sunshine vitamin", but the truth is that sunshine is not a "vitamin", and that what is passed off as the "sunshine vitamin" is a chemical substance made in a laboratory called "cholecalciferol". And the more startling truth is that cholecalciferol aka Vitamin D is rat poison. In other words, to say it in plain language, so-called "Vitamin D" is a fake vitamin - and has been marketed and labeled as the 'sunshine alternative' in order to 'sell it' to the public at large. So Houston the problem we have here is a fake vitamin which is actually rat poison being pushed as a remedy for a unquestionably fake virus aka so-called Covid-19. Can it get any more bizarre? Don't answer that question...

Two articles posted below, and below them three clips from three other articles referencing the dangers of rat-poison cholecalciferol. First article is the above mentioned recently published article (one of many), reporting on "new studies" suggesting "high-doses" of Vitamin D cholecalciferol might be a "game changer" in the fake-virus medical-authoritarianism 'game' - which is exactly what this is [see Hidden message in name covid]. The second, just below that, is a very interesting 2010 expose on Vitamin D..."


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tsisageya said...

This is misinformation. Vitamin D is toxic to rats, as are other things that are safe for humans to eat. It can also be toxic to humans if taken too much of but it is NOT rat poison.

tom m. said...

re: above comment

quote you: "It can also be toxic to humans if taken too much of"

- your own words refute your contention and invalidate it

tip: do not eat poison - it's poison


1. "Vit. D" it is not a "vitamin" - there is no such thing as "Vit. D" (period). Calling it one is an outright lie - it is dangerous "misinformation". It is a chemical made in a lab. The name of that chemical is "cholecalciferol" (which is just a man-given name by the way - if they gave arsenic a new fancy name would you eat it? small amounts repeatedly?)

2. the chemical with the man-given name cholecalciferol is used to kill rats.

3. be smarter than a rat: if you see rats eat something and die - don't eat it

tsisageya said...

There are many foods that are toxic to rats (and other animals) that are not toxic to humans unless taken in very high doses. For example, salt, avocado peels and seeds, blue cheese, licorice, poppy seeds, and bitter almonds.

Would you call all these things rat poison?

tsisageya said...

We call it a vitamin, but vitamin D is actually a hormone that influences more than 3,000 different genes in your body and almost every type of human cell. Research is ongoing to help us better understand this uber-nutrient, but so far studies show the following health benefits:

Cholecalciferol helps regulate and enable the absorption of mineral nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. It also helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Vitamin D3 is involved in the regulation of hormones related to stress, and optimal levels have been shown to help reduce conditions like seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, and anxiety.

Vitamin D acts as a macrophage in your bloodstream — large, specialized cells that are part of your immune system and attack foreign pathogens. Not only does it help defend against things like the cold and flu, but it’s also been shown to help prevent cancer.

A growing body of research also suggests that vitamin D might play some role in the prevention and treatment of both forms of diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis, and other medical conditions.

Of course if you don't believe it, you don't believe it. Just stop calling it rat poison.

tsisageya said...


tom m. said...

The very ones pushing the fake 'vitamin D' narrative so heavily on the populations of the world are the same gang now heavily pushing the vaccine for the fake-virus narrative. Oh but you must believe it all because it is based on "the research".

And as you have regurgitated it all up in your comment directly above, you have very obviously drank way too much of the 'research' Kool-aid proffered for the incredible miracle cure for any and everything snake-oil so-called Vitamin D ...aka rat poison.

Recommend strongly to whoever to stop eating the lab-produced SYNTHETIC chemical which they call cholecalciferol which does not exist naturally.

- and to whosoever it applies definitely stop chugging down the znwo "research" Kool-aid (of every flavor - including especially the 'new science' that shows why you definitely now need a toxic-soup injection aka "covid-vaccine" to save all of society and the world from a make-believe pandemic) ...it is pure fiction


tom m. said...

and odd thing ... never heard of a rat poison made from avocados and almonds ... hmmm

tsisageya said...

Right, Tom. Whatever you say. As usual.

natalia frolova said...

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tom m. said...

To Natalia (directly above),

Can't automatically endorse Christian Freedom International. Praying for the persecuted church worldwide of course is very important and needful..as well getting bibles out where needed. The truth is though when 'international organizations' are set up to do these things there often are issues. Went to the CFI website and there was very little information given. They identify themselves as a "human rights organization" with a mission statement that is heavy on what is known as the "social gospel". This is a definite concern because the 'social gospel' usually indicates the organization is being used for the greater global 'one world' agenda. The social-gospel is when the organizations do social works as part of their 'ministry'. Well intentioned perhaps for many involved, but the organization knows what it is doing. This topic is more than can be discussed here, but for an example we can look at Rick Warren Purpose Driven; and Purpose-Drive all. CFI does not name any affiliations so there is no way to know who or what else is involved, but does claim political involvement in Washington DC. Political affiliations are part and parcel of the social gospel - used to forward the global agenda.

Another thing about international mission organizations that distribute bibles is that virtually 100% of them pass out Alexandrian-text bibles i.e. Westcott-Hort based versions. Was not always so, but it is the case now. For instance the Gideon's used to always place KJV's in hotels but some years back changed over to the NKJV, then changed again around 2014 to the ESV. This is unfortunate - Westcott/Hort Alexandrian text versions are corrupt - but the fact is the international organizations all use only them. Note: there has to be a reason for that. Many will say it's better than nothing, but it is what it is - i'm just pointing out the fact. The result of these corrupt bibles [first one 1881] is the Laodicean church worldwide today.

Anyway, this is just to point out these things about international-organizations/ministries. Some things many have never considered. But that should be considered... fyi


natalia frolova said...

thank you Tom, I have been learning more about the sad corruption of Christian charities. Voice of the Martyrs spent $28 million on a building in a small town sold it for one million and a top official supposedly committed suicide after he was accused of child sexual abuse by a family member. VOM was started by a Romanian Christian who suffered greatly and testified to Congress and showed the torture marks on his body. His son has written not to give to VOM but to another group that does not have expensive fund-raising material but only a report that the son does once a year.

Angirfan has written about Christian charities that are a front for kidnapping children for sex trafficking, Open Secrets and other watchdog groups missed this and World Vision has been known for sex trafficking and training of Mark Chapman who supposedly shot John Lennon and the boy who supposedly shot Reagan. Very disappointing and heartbreaking the way Christian charities are used as fronts for evil. Persecuted Christians need prayer more than ever.

natalia frolova said...

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tom m. said...

Natalia, there is no like-button but that gets a like (above comment)

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