CA 1st State Passes Agenda 21 Per-Person Per-Day Water Limits: Taking A Bath Illegal By 2020

New California Law Limits How Much Water People Can Use

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There will soon be more focus on flushes and scrutiny over showers with a new law signed in by the governor.

California is now the first state in the nation to enact tough new water-efficiency standards. The controversial rules limit how many gallons a person can use inside their home per day.

So, what are the new rules?

In 2020, the new indoor water standard will be 55 gallons per person, per day. by 2030, it will fall to 50 gallons.

Just how many gallons do household chores take?

An 8-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water, a load of laundry up to 40, and a bathtub can hold 80 to 100 gallons of water.

"Strict" control of the 'goyim/herd' plan: Taking a bath 80-100 gallons - by 2022 2020 a bath
will be illegal in CA; and no shower on laundry day or you're over your limit [57 gallons]

2nd source: "The change comes after Thursday [5-31-18] when Governor Jerry Brown signed into law two water restriction bills ... With their biggest concern being, at this time they don’t have a way to monitor the difference between a residents water use inside the home and the use outside. ..Adding these strict restrictions could also mean water rates will increase because the fixed costs for treating and delivering high-quality drinking water will increase and the amount of water sold will decrease so that will necessitate raising the cost of water to our customers..."
This is now law in California. Agenda 21 radicalism coming out in the open.

Agenda 21 is nothing about "the environment" and phony invented "climate change". Those are just the fabricated excuses used to facilitate it's implementation. Literally micromanaging the entire planet - every person place thing on it - by creating the global regulatory framework with which to do it is the only thing so-called Agenda 21 is about. CA it is now in your kitchen sink.

Note above: an eight minute shower 17 gallons, a load of laundry 40 gallons. Oh want to wash some clothes and have a shower. Not on the same day you don't - that makes 57 gallons you're over your limit. And that's not even taking into consideration flushing the toilet, washing the dishes, cooking, washing your hands, indoor plants, cleaning the fish tank, etc.. A 80 gallon bath is out of the question - in CA it will be illegal by 2020. And another thing what about out-of-town guests staying for a week or so will they have to be 'registered' to be allotted extra water usage.

Note also above quote from '2nd source' - at present they have no way to monitor indoor vs. outdoor water usage. Obviously this must mean that something is in the works for that before 2020 rolls around. Something like a "smart water meter" that must mean - which of course would have to be retro-fitted to all homes statewide. And, expect the cost of water to rise, say they.

Smart water meters? Will it cut off the water when the daily limit is reached? Doubtless this will also require some sort of privacy invasion in the form of policing how many people are actually living or staying in any home condo apartment, etc..

Micromanagement and absolute control of literally everything is Agenda 21...and CA just took a major step forward in the plan. The 666 totalitarian one-world-government would-be Antichrist Zionist Kingdom Kome plan to be specific [link].

He who controls the water controls all life on the planet. The system is going up. Be informed - CA today all the earth tomorrow...and no plan 'b'.

The living God [Jer. 10:10] has their plan 'b' though: Rev. 16:4-5  [don't be there].

Compare - 'The Plan' calls for something like this:

"Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization; and 'Blue Zones' 12-8-16  "Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization...Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide (with geo-engineered fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fake 'meteorite' strikes, now add volcanoes to that list...etc. - link)  [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon [link] - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing..." [see post, video]

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 16:4-5 'And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus'

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