CA 'Blackouts' For Next Ten Years Says Electric Co. PG&E - CA Never The Same Again - A21 2050 Map 'Mega-regions'

"Public Safety Power Shutoff", or PSPS, they are calling them:
PG&E: It Could Take A Decade Before Fire Safety Outages No Longer Needed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — The chief executive of California’s largest utility says it will take about a decade for PG&E to get to the point where widespread safety outages are not necessary when wildfire danger is high.

“I do believe our decision to execute this PSPS for the safety of our customers and the communities we are privileged to serve was the right decision,” said PG&E Corp. CEO Bill Johnson in a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday. “A Public Safety Power Shutoff [PSPS] has a single purpose: to prevent catastrophic wildfires.”

Johnson told state regulators Friday he expects the utility to get better with each new pre-emptive outage as it works to upgrade its equipment so blackouts affect fewer people.

“I was asked how long before we’re out of PSPS … I didn’t mean to say we’d be doing it on this scale for 10 years. I think they’ll decrease in size and scope every year. But at the same time, we’re doing this, the risk is not static—it’s dynamic and it goes up every year… I think our focus ought to be every year reducing scope, reducing scale (of PSPS),” Johnson said.

PG&E shut off power to more than 2 million people because of fears that dangerous winds could knock down utility equipment and spark wildfires.

Nothing wild here nothing random. Random sparking from power lines on a windy day cause this? Never
before not now
. Only thing that could create this picture [link] is a feat of engineering. Doing this and blaming
"power lines on windy days" only conclusion possible - somebody wants the land - and will do anything to get it.


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This post a follow up on: CA Power Shut Down For 'Fire-Hazard' Is Next Phase Agenda 21: DEW Burn It Down - Force 'Em Out 10-9-19 "...to make things unlivable in these areas for remaining residents, these residents are and will be subjected to having their power shut off on 'windy days' for "public safety". Wind up power down people maybe you should move..."  -- What could be more absurd - or more transparent as to what is really being done: Burning out Agenda 21 zones, what else. Now taking the agenda to the next level apparently i.e. begin the plan to rezone target areas as too much of a fire hazard for residential living..."  [see post - above video:]

One thing very clear - to say that power outages will continue for the next ten years can only be taken to mean that CA will never be the same. That is the reality. The real agenda is fully known, understood - as stated above [see also image below, links]. This is a very clear statement that it is now to be fully carried out...in a planned, long-term continual fashion - all the way to the end.

CA burn it down, force 'em out...it's really happening.


For instance: A21 Burn Down Back: CA Calimesa Fire Started By 'Trash' Burns Trailer Park - Burning The "Trailer Trash" ..Ha Ha Get It? 10-11-19

see all: A21 burn down

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 11:4,6 'The LORD is in his holy temple...Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup'  [perpetrators]

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