US-Mexico Borderline, Borderline Bar, Borderline Fire In Ventura/LA CA - Coincidence Or ZWO 'Borderline' Ritual

Follow up on: 'Borderline' Bar Shoot-Out [By Military Guy] A Caravan-Related As-Above-So-Below Psyop? Hoax Showdown At U.S. - Mexico Border Coming? 11-8-18 "Is there not something here too coincidental about all these things going down at the 'borderline' to be coincidental. Is it all smoke and mirrors... Troops gathering on the U.S. - Mexico borderline now, the alleged Caravan "Invasion" show-down impending, and suddenly, out of the unseen dark netherworld, comes a random shoot-out...at where else - why the 'Borderline' of course. -- and even another possibly in-plain-sight clue... 'smoke grenades' as part of the reported story ... Smoke and mirrors ordo ab chao - seems a natural interpretation of all these things... [and] speaking of clues in plain sight, note especially alleged suspect said to be an "ex-marine". So what we have here then is the military shooting up the borderline. Can it be any more direct. [see post]
U.S. - Mexico Borderline, Borderline Bar, and Now A Borderline Fire...All At Same Time - As Above So Below Ritual?

[Saturday AM 11-10-18; excerpted] The Woolsey Fire continues to burn out of control for a third day in parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties on Saturday, but calmer winds are helping in the ongoing firefight.

The blaze doubled in size overnight to 70,000 acres and is 0 percent contained, according to fire officials.

Around 250,000 residents in both counties have been evacuated. Authorities said that number could grow as evacuations continue to happen.

The fast-moving Woolsey Fire jumped the 101 Freeway at Liberty Canyon Road early Friday, which led the blaze to rapidly make its way toward several populated communities.

The cause of the fires remain under investigation. [article, screenshot source]

Everything borderline. How very odd...it should be. But how then is it not? Answer: because...it all, once again, fits into a perfect little scenario sending out a little hidden message - which is 'a thing' now fully known and understood, without question, to be the 'Znwo-normal' modus operandi. In other words, totally typical. Twisted manufactured events sending hidden messages...same as always. That is, to be more specific - the whole thing is just another psycho-production of the Kabbalah-Krew tikkun-olamites [see: 'Holy' fire]:

Borderline bar shootout, alleged perpetrator said to have used smoke grenades; very next morning smoke everywhere with a fire started where? - why of course - on a borderline - this one between Ventura and Los Angeles counties; and note, that fire then spreading far and wide "quickly" by "doubling overnight". Always overnight. And unexplainable, for now... as the "cause remains under investigation". So John Q. Public is told.

Natural causes or other?

And so then the question is - is all this 'borderline' action [in part - fires are A21 purpose also] an as-above-so-below ritual before the 'action' begins at the U.S. - Mexico borderline with the alleged "caravans" supposedly en route?

What exactly that will look like when the script plays out is unknown. Some skirmishes perhaps. Maybe a shoot-out or two, like the Borderline Bar? One thing certain though is that it will be according to the script. Everything is according to the script. Nothing happens unscripted. Military guy shooting up the 'Borderline'? - pure script.

American military is now deployed on American soil - will the upcoming borderline production - i.e. show - lead to this becoming a permanent arrangement? Everything is part of the bigger plan. It's all done for a reason. Perhaps the military border-plan 'spreads like wildfire' to other locations - just like the "out-of-control" Borderline Fire is doing now.

Don't know if this would be how martial-law gets started in the USA but something is in the works or there would not be the elaborate ritual unfolding here having to do with 'borderlines'.

We'll see when/if the 'Caravans' arrive...

Stay tuned

Rev. 18:4
11-26-18 follow up: 'Chaos' On US-Mexico Border [11-25-18] - Exactly As Ritualed In 'Borderline Bar' Psyop [11-7-18]: Everything Scripted
Psalms 21:8-9 'Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee. Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the LORD shall swallow them up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them'

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