CA 'Holy Fire'...Shekinah - Tikkun Olam Unholy; Agenda 21 'Smart-Fire' Burn-Down Program A "Burnt Offering"..?

updated 8-12-18*  Agenda 21 'smart-fire burn down' disappearing communities around the world...and now comes one 'they' have named the "Holy Fire". Outwardly of course the name is due to the name of the little town named 'Holy Jim', in Holy Jim Canyon, near where the fire is said to have started. Naming it the Holy Fire though here is where the reality is made plain, and that purposely, that to the mysterious global smart-fire engineers ...this is all 'fun and games'. 'Holy fire' to the Kabbalist Jews is what they call the 'Shekinah' [link]. The word is not found in scripture. It comes from the Kabbalah. It to them represents the 'Divine presence' in the tabernacle and elsewhere.

[* Holy Fire. Moses at the burning bush that was not consumed [Ex. 3:2], and the LORD descending in fire upon Mt. Sinai at the giving of the 10 commandments [Exodus 19:18] are examples of the concept of the 'Divine presence' as 'Holy Fire'. Another important aspect to understand here, evidently applicable to current events, would be the use of 'Holy Fire' to burn sacrifices as required in the OT Jewish religious system: When the construction of the first Jewish tabernacle was completed, after coming out of Egypt, the Levitical priesthood was then instituted to perform the sacrifices. A momentous day..."And there came a fire out from before the LORD" ...which consumed the sacrifice [Lev. 9:24], and the OT Jewish religious system began. This (sacred) 'holy fire' come down from heaven ignited by God was never to go out. It was to be used for the 'burnt offerings' [Lev. 6:12-13].

Burning sacrifices with 'holy fire'. The world is now witnessing the ritual. Burning-up the old-world with shekinah-fire sacrificially as a "burnt offering" to the kabbalah-god - who is the god of this world Satan - to rise his new Antichrist kingdom from the ashes. Tikkun olam it is called. see also: 2012 Olympics]   

Not going to delve into this any further here but the bottom line of it 'Shekinah' [holy fire] is actually code for Lucifer. Understand this much, and the 'holy fire' aspect, and the whole thing becomes very obvious. The fact is burning down the 'old order' and calling it "Holy Fire" actually fits the Kabbalist mindset perfectly - it is what they call "tikkun olam" - which in kabbala-speak is said to mean 'repair the world' [see link below*].

But back to the current event in CA - the Agenda 21 burn-down - perfectly exampled by the little town of Holy Jim that is about to be extinguished from the face of the planet:

Holy Jim, devastated by fire, faces specter of vanishing forever

For the residents of Holy Jim, a tract of more than 40 cabins deep in the Cleveland National Forest, the destruction is about more than losing possessions, a secluded vacation spot, or property. It is about the specter of 150 years of history lost, about a community that dates to the 19th century joining its Civil War founders as a relic of the past.

“A lot of people I’ve spoken to say they want to rebuild,” said Mike Milligan, the chief of the Holy Jim Volunteer Fire Department and the community’s de-facto patriarch. “But it’s up to the discretion of the Forest Service.”

And it’s unclear – if not unlikely – whether the federal agency would allow them to rebuild. Holy Jim is in a federally designated flood plain... The most recent map, created in 2014 – federal officials enlarged the flood plain to encompass all of Holy Jim. And under federal law, any structure in a flood plain that gets destroyed can’t be rebuilt.

“It’s a fraudulent map,” Milligan said Tuesday.
Related: [8-9-18] "California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Orange and Riverside counties, where more than 21,000 people are under mandatory evacuation order Several school districts have canceled classes due to fire warnings and unhealthy air quality. And authorities said things will only get worse, with the area forecast to have temperatures in the 90s and gusty winds of up to 25 mph. ... "These conditions will increase the likelihood of extreme fire behavior as well," the US Forest Service said." [source]

Agenda 21 smart-fire burn-down ..."like a blowtorch" says MSM:

Entire plan revealed in plain sight - 'Taking the world by GEOSTORM'  [see post; see link below]

*2011 White House Hanukkah Ceremony: Obama Pledges Allegiance To 'Tikkun Olam' 12-26-11 "The phrase "tikkun olam" is extremely significant, and telling, and when clearly understood, brings much needed clarity to the purposes, and discovery of the driving force, of everything transpiring in the world today. The meaning of the phrase is absolutely nothing less than a declaration of the singular intent to achieve the Jewish goal of global domination, which by definition of the term involves controlling "spiritual forces" (and world events) to bring it about [by any and all means]. This they refer to as "repairing the world", which according to the Jewish kabbalah, will not happen until all the world recognizes the Jews as the saviors of the world and essentially yield to them as the master race..."
Lastly - Kabbalah is sorcery. It involves things like hidden meanings in names of things, as evident in this little 'Holy Fire' spell. Do not be witchcrafted. No 'Holy Fire' coming down from heaven here - everything about it is as unholy as anything could be [Isaiah 50:11].

Phoenix rising from the 'Burnt Offering' - the nations of the earth
London Olympics 2012
Rev. 18:4
see also: "Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack 7-26-18

8-10-18 update: Alleged 'Holy Fire' Starter A 'Conspiracy Nut' Says MSM - A21 To 9/11 To Return Of LORD And Alex Jones Fan Oh My
11-14-18 follow up: A21 Burn-Down: Fake-'Firenado' Fires Caused By DEW? - Or Maybe Flamethrowers And 'Sticky Fuel' - Videos, Pics


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Leviticus 10:1-2 'And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD'

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