EU Begins Lie-Detector Virtual Border Guards In Greece, Latvia, Hungary Today 11-1-18

Coming to a checkpoint near EU: Trials of AI lie-detector border guard underway in three EU states

Trials are underway of an EU-funded scheme where AI lie-detector systems will be used to scan potentially dodgy travelers coming from outside the bloc. Too Orwellian? Or just the latest step towards smoother travel?

Commencing from November 1, the iBorderCtrl system will be in place at four border crossing points in Hungary, Latvia and Greece with countries outside EU. It aims to facilitate faster border crossings for travelers while weeding out potential criminals or illegal crossings.

Those using the system will first have to upload certain documents like passports, along with an online application form, before being assessed by the virtual, retina-scanning border agent. The traveler will simply stare into a camera and answer the questions one would expect a diligent human border agent to ask, according to New Scientist.

“What’s in your suitcase?” and “If you open the suitcase and show me what is inside, will it confirm that your answers were true?”

But unlike a human border guard, the AI system is analyzing minute micro-gestures in the traveler’s facial expression, searching for any signs that they might be telling a lie. If satisfied with the crosser’s honest intentions, the iBorderCtrl will reward them with a QR code that allows them safe passage into the EU.

Unsatisfied however, and travelers will have to go through additional biometric screening such as having fingerprints taken, facial matching, or palm vein reading. A final assessment is then made by a human agent.

November 1st - that's today 11-1-18. This is not coming soon it is now reality. Greece, Latvia, Hungary - 1984 Big Brother totalitarian reality...and obviously the intent has to be completely EU-wide before long. And then...


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Here is the full reality of it - they won't stop until it's the 666.

Step up to the screen the talking machine has a few questions for you before you can proceed with your travel plans citizen...

Be informed.

Rev. 18:4

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