'Chaos' On US-Mex Borderline 11-25-18 - Exactly As Ritualed In 'Borderline Bar' Psyop 11-7-18: Everything Scripted

Follow up on: 'Borderline Bar' Shoot-Out (By Military Guy) A Caravan-Related As-Above-So-Below Psyop? Hoax Showdown At U.S. - Mexico Border Coming? 11-8-18 "...the latest alleged mass-shooting at 'The Borderline', and...the impending 'Caravan Crisis' at the U.S - Mexico borderline. Is there not something here too coincidental about all these things going down at the 'borderline' to be coincidental. Is it all smoke and mirrors... "Utter chaos" at the Borderline [says the article on alleged bar shooting] ...and smoke [smoke grenade] ...Troops gathering on the U.S. - Mexico borderline now, the alleged Caravan "Invasion" show-down impending, and suddenly ...a random shoot-out...at where else - why the 'Borderline' of course. Shoot-out at the borderline... note especially alleged suspect said to be an "ex-marine". So what we have here then is the military shooting up the borderline. Can it be any more direct..." [see post]
How a march at the US-Mexico border descended into tear gas and chaos

A planned peaceful march by the migrant “caravan” broke down on Sunday at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana...

One or more people threw rocks at Border Patrol agents, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The San Ysidro Port of Entry, the biggest official border crossing into the US, remained completely shut down in both directions during the unrest and for hours afterward.

Tear gas is considered a chemical weapon under international law, making the US government’s response seem all the more hostile. But it also highlights the strangeness of the role that Border Patrol is playing right now: It’s a domestic law enforcement agency that’s working in concert with law enforcement in another country to prevent people from crossing a border.

Tear gas is illegal for international use, but not for use in domestic law enforcement... But this isn’t domestic law enforcement: The tear gas canisters clearly crossed an international border...

The US was successfully able to dispel the crowds Sunday. But there’s no indication that the situation in Tijuana — the waiting, the poor conditions, or the desperation — is going to get any better on its own soon.

Smoke and bullets (and military) at the US-Mexico borderline 11-25-18
- just like at the 'Borderline' Bar 11-7-18; - or smoke and mirrors all around
re: 'chaos' at the borderline[s]

Three weeks back [11-7-18] was the alleged Thousand Oaks CA Borderline Bar shooting. It was described essentially as 'chaos at the Borderline' [see 'follow up' at top]. Alleged perpetrator US military background. Exact scenario now being played out at the US - Mexico border - described again - as 'chaos at the borderline' ...involving the US military. Smoke and bullets, as the story goes, at the supposed bar-shooting, and now tear-gas (smoke) and bullets (rubber - so far) at the supposed 'Showdown' at the real border. Perfect match.

The reality that all news is 'fake news', that all world-changing, society-changing, crisis-type events, are in fact staged, orchestrated, scripted ZWOBoP (Zwo Bureau of Propaganda) ordo-ab-chao productions, carefully designed to bring about 'paradigm-shift' changes from old-order to new, could not be any more ridiculously obvious than seen here.

Was the 'Borderline Bar' shoot-em-up real? Not possible. The degree of absurdity of the connection with that scripted borderline-event and this 'Caravan' borderline-production is so high that it leaves absolutely zero possibility of being coincidental. Zero. Perfectly scripted Borderline to borderline.

Two things. First - Since 'Borderline Bar military guy shoot-em-up' could not be true, with all it's massive take-over-the-internet and msm for a week hype, what then does that say about every alleged 'mass shooting' over the last how ever many years. The answer is that they all came from the same place. That being the fact, they can be no different. Not a one of them.

The second thing is this: where they are going with this completely scripted pre-planned outcome ordo-ab-chao borderline ZWOBoP production is still an unknown. But that they've got sumtin cookin' is certain. And that that sumtin is designed to transform old-world-order to new in paradigm-shifter fashion is a guarantee too.

Borders and military and martial law and people-control and people-identification and Canamerexico [link] aka North American Union (US and Mexico law-enforcements collaborating) ...all of it - and who knows what else might be up their totalitarian-schemery sleeves with this one

...it's all simmering now on the front burner and they already did the as-above-so-below three weeks ago in Thousand Oaks CA so the thing will take shape before long...stay tuned and keep in mind this thing looks long-term - they are going for a major new-paradigm here.

Everything scripted. No bout adout it. The old-to-new world tranceformation scheme the world is now witnessing could never happen otherwise. Don't fall for the fakery - ever. Let them have no brain cells not a one.

Rev. 18:4
Compare also: US-Mexico Borderline, Borderline Bar, [now] Borderline Fire Ventura/LA CA (Malibu) - Coincidence Or ZWO 'Borderline' Ritual 11-10-18
Rev. 13:4 'And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?'

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