A21 Geo-Attack Stunning Video: DEW-Laser 'Smart' Fires Surgical Precision Obliterating Communities Worldwide

This post a follow up on: MSM Brainwash Campaign To Explain Impossible 'Wildfire' Destruction Has Begun - "Firenadoes" Say They 7-28-17 "Impossible fire destruction. Can a 'wildfire' strike with surgical precision ...as plain as anything can be...there is nothing in any way random about how these fires are burning - it literally is a surgical precision... Yes the fires have a mind of their own, they can Do Anything, they burn down all the houses and stay within property lines..." -- The world is under open attack, by the globalist cartel - who else, like nothing ever seen. Flooding out, fire, bombearthquake, to volcano, to tsunami bomb, name it. Live in an A21 target zone? Definitely be absolutely aware - and being proactive however could potentially need be - might be a good idea. What has begun is far from over - fact is it is only getting moreso by the day..." [see post, videos]
Below video is stunning. Absolutely impossible fire destruction - naturally occurring that is. Beside the obvious untouched trees, grass, note also brush on surrounding hills is not even singed. Everything appears to be reduced to fine white ash. This is incineration. Open air fires do not incinerate. The burn is also absolutely uniform...indicative of a thing systematic. Systematic - a repeatable action that always returns the same result. The result seen in below video is exactly the same result now being seen in burned down communities worldwide. This fact leaves only one possible conclusion, namely this: induced burning-of-entire-communities, home by home, systematically, with precision. Geo-attack against the 'common' people of the planet is what that interpreted means.

That it is in fact so blatantly obvious that there is nothing in any way 'wild' about the fires now burning Agenda21 target zones across the planet leaves again only one possible conclusion - which is that clearly the perpetrators consider themselves untouchable*:

[video location not stated by producer - seems to be Northern Cal maybe Santa Rosa; recommend view full screen - have to go to site though - watch to end: vidlink 6:30 min.

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   [Above video producer unknown - original vanished - account 'terminated'. But, there was a backup]

Whether it is actually DEW-lasers or perhaps something like flame-throwers [see vid below - and highlighted link at bottom] with military-grade accelerants, and drones either way, is just not knowable. What is knowable though is that there is no such thing as a 'smart' fire. Compare:

7-30-18  Crazy DEW Laser Fires Worldwide? "Like a Blowtorch" Says MSM -- Agenda 21 Chase 'Em Out "'...they always tell - they have to tell - Kabbala-kode mandates telling on themselves' ... "Explosive" - "It must have come through here like a blowtorch":


also: 7-26-18  "Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack  "California communities literally incinerated. Absolutely reduced to ashes. The fire aftermath seen in this hard-to-fathom destruction really is something different then ever before. Could this type of utter destruction occur naturally ... Unprecedented" fires in Greece this week...unprecedented fires in Sweden last week. Unprecedented fires (in A21 target zones always) all over the USA and other parts of the world ongoing...now suddenly the 'new norm'. Does that make any sense. How can it be? ..." [see post, videos]

and: Agenda 21 What Exactly Do They Want To Take Away From The Sheeple-Minions - The 'List' [UN 1995; From 2008]
Be aware all ways.  Rev. 18:4


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<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/d7kCf0MkfZiD/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


11-14-18 follow up: A21 Burn-Down: Fake-'Firenado' Fires Caused By DEW? - Or Maybe Flamethrowers And 'Sticky Fuel' - Videos, Pics
*[untouchable?]  Amos 9:1 'I saw the Lord standing upon the altar: and he said, Smite the lintel of the door, that the posts may shake: and cut them in the head, all of them; and I will slay the last of them with the sword: he that fleeth of them shall not flee away, and he that escapeth of them shall not be delivered'


Anonymous said...

These weather war events , are to drive mankind off the countryside , and into the electronic fenced - prison cities of babylon . THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has provided a deliverance out & away , ( not by a “rapture “ ) , but by an earthly withdrawal ( The Great Escape ) , at the beginning of The Great Temptation & Tribulation . That gift and blessing will be so , for all those who will heed His given sign , and take His proscribed action , as found in THE HOLY BIBLE . It has always been GOD’S plan , but most christians today , nearing the time of fulfillment , do not understand . It is because of the great apostasy , and the loss , of THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . THE LORD ’S PRAYER recites , “ lead us not into temptation , but deliver us from evil “ , meaning - put us not to the test / trial , but instead give mercy , by an option of extrication . The Archangel Michael , will lead a Heavenly Host , to protect and aid , the sojourning pilgrims ( Daniel 12 : 1 ) .

tom m. said...

Another rapture denier?

Ok..so you will have the NT church not looking/waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ himself - as the scripture instructs believers to do - to meet him in the air:

1Thes. 1:10 'And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come'

...but rather, by your interpretation the NT church should be looking/waiting instead for an angel i.e. Michael

This interpretation has the NT church mixed up with the Jewish remnant that will go through the tribulation.

The blood-bought NT church is not to look for any angel to deliver them - but to look only for their Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ - who will remove them from the scene - according to the scripture - John 14:3

What you wrote above - it is scripture confused - and dangerous i.e. looking for angels

believe it not...


Mike Ross said...

Both , THE GIFT AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST , and the Personage of The Archangel Michael , are authorized - commissioned - sent by , their Captain & Commander ; THE SENIOR AND SUPERIOR - THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER - THE LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST - THE REDEEMER AND SAVIOR . He ( JESUS CHRIST ) , comes in the sky , at the consummation of - The Great Temptation / The Great Tribulation , to begin the new era , with the inauguration of - The Millennium .

tom m. said...

to M. Ross,

You rapture unbelievers definitely are persistent -

Two things:

[1] Daniel 12:1 says only that "Michael shall stand up" ... "which standeth for the children of thy people"

This is spoken to Daniel (a Jew) - "thy people" is a reference to the Jews. This would apply then to the Jewish remnant in the tribulation ("at that time"). - Nothing here at all about the NT church.

[2] The only other verse of scripture in the entire bible that might explain what is meant by "stand up" (at that time) is Rev. 12:7 where we learn that Michael and his angels shall fight against "the dragon and his angels".

Nothing more is said. Anything beyond this regarding Michael the archangel is an argument from silence. Arguments from silence are invalid.

Regardless though as to what "stand up" will entail, to reiterate, the subject has no bearing on doctrine concerning the NT church...

The NT church is found before the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven before "that time" (of tribulation) ever begins (Rev. 5:9-10)

...but i do not expect this to change your mind any more than a JW or a Mormon could have their mind changed...they've got their 'system' worked out and they like it and won't be proof-scriptured off it

so no reason to debate further is there...