Alleged 'Holy Fire' Starter A 'Conspiracy Nut' Says MSM - A21 To 9/11 To Return Of LORD And Alex Jones Fan Oh My

Suspect behind massive California wildfire was steeped in conspiracies

[excerpted] From 9/11 to QAnon, there appears no conspiracy theory too strange for Forrest Clark -- Southern California’s Holy Fire, sparked on Monday, has already scorched more than 18,000 acres as of Friday morning and forced over 20,000 residents to flee.

Now, authorities have identified the man suspected of igniting the massive blaze...51-year-old Forrest Gordon Clark...he appears to have a lengthy history of mental illness.

JJ MacNab, who covers anti-government extremism for Forbes, first identified Clark’s Facebook profile.

...Clark recently started pushing messaging around “QAnon,” a bizarre theory that a global Deep State network is trying to bring down President Donald Trump in order to further their nefarious aims ... Likewise, Clark appeared to be a fan of Alex Jones and InfoWars, which were recently banned by platforms like Apple and Facebook.

Among the most popular theories Clark promoted on social media: notions that tragic events like the 9/11 attacks and the Sandy Hook shooting were “false flags.”

For good measure, Clark also pushed other Deep State-style conspiracy theories, including Agenda 21 — which claims the United Nations will effectively eliminate Americans’ sovereign rights... wrote on Facebook that he “will see the soon Coming of our LORD in the Clouds of Glory!”, posted late last year that the fires in California were direct evidence that Agenda 21 was afoot...that the fires show that “we’re seeing Agenda 21 in action,” adding that “Agenda 21 is here.”

Forest-fire starter Forrest nabbed by McNab

Novus-ordo-seclorumites clearly on the offensive taking it to a brand new extreme. Hitting on every possible point. Sandy Hook to 9/11 to Agenda 21 to the second coming, and more, and tying it all into mental health...and Alex Jones.

Alex Jones, by the way, is 'one of them'. The controlled opposition. All the recent censorship drama with him did exactly what it was intended to do - set the precedent for shutting down the "conspiracy nuts"
. And looky now folks, with perfect timing, right off the pages of the script, comes a conspiracy-crazed Alex Jones disciple foaming at the mouth going on about something called 'Agenda 21' and starting firenados...just like the ones all-of-a-sudden burning towns off the map around the globe. What's an Agenda 21 anyway Ma...

Note: According to above article forest-fire starter named "Forrest" was first identified, or 'nabbed', by an "anti-government extremist" watchdog named McNab. Forrest the forest-fire starter nabbed by McNab. Comical.

The entire script really is comical...except that it is not because the destruction is massive and real and clearly the overall 'nwo' agenda is progressed to the point where a very real offensive directed at (drum roll) "anti-government extremists" is now going front and center.

Be fully informed. The 'theory' days are over.

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