"Net Neutrality" Officially Killed By ZWO Monday 4-23-18: Slow, Insidious Change To Internet Expected Say 'Experts'

Net Neutrality is Over Monday [4-23-18], But Experts Say ISPs Will Wait... [Before Making Slow and Insidious Changes]

[excerpted] Parts of the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of net neutrality is slated to take effect on April 23...However, many experts believe there won’t be immediate changes come Monday, but that ISPs will wait until users aren’t paying attention to make their move.

In December, the Republican-led FCC repealed net neutrality protections..[and]..did away with rules that inhibited ISPs from slowing down access or prioritizing their own content... According to a copy of the order published in the Federal Register, the rollback can kick off 60 days after publication, or April 23.

“Don’t expect any changes right out of the gate,” Dary Merckens, CTO of Gunner Technology, tells Inverse. Merckens specializes in JavaScript development for government and business... “It would be a PR nightmare for ISPs if they introduced sweeping changes immediately after the repeal of net neutrality,” he says.

“They’ll wait six months to a year to be safe before unleashing sweeping changes to avoid major blowback, even though most people won’t care after a week so,” he says. At that point, internet users could expect to see blocked or slowed content, price hikes, and a host of new issues, Merckens says.

While parts of the FCC’s new plan will go into effect on Monday, the majority of the order still doesn’t have a date for when it will be official. Specific rules that modify data collection requirements still have to be approved...and the earliest that can happen is on April 27. Tech experts and consumer policy advocates don’t expect changes to happen right away, as ISPs will likely avoid any large-scale changes in order to convince policymakers that the net neutrality repeal was no big deal after all.

“They know Congress and internet users will be watching closely, so they have every reason to make sure this creeps in slowly,” Josh Tabish from Fight for our Future tells Inverse...“Widespread use of practices like paid prioritization and website blocking will be slow and insidious,” Tabish says.

Even if the internet still works on Monday, the protective measures that kept it free and open are gone. It’s now up to the internet users to watch for future abuses. [full article at link]

re: "protective measures that kept it free and open are gone"

That statement directly above makes everything a person needs to know about 'net neutrality' plain and simple. Ten words, explains it completely.

Free and open internet...gone. April 23rd 2018. Another day to now be marked and recorded as a milestone in the still being written dark-history of the "new-world-order".

This now infamous date April 23rd, 2018 directly related to this post of almost four years ago:

The Neuter-net: ZWO Unfolding Triple-Play For Internet Takeover: ID's, "Right To Be Forgotten", Fast-Slow Lanes 5-17-14 "...a final, and absolutely comprehensive, Big Brother takeover of the internet by the ZWO-cabalist would-be masters of the universe. Understanding the depth of the dark driving force behind the anti-Christ global schemers it is not at all difficult to understand that this very thing has been an inevitability from the beginning. Certainly the self-convinced would-be candidates-for-apotheosis never really intended the internet to be a tool to empower the sub-species of 'earthlings' to resist their destiny of 666-servitude to them as gods-to-be of planet earth [link]... No, that would make no sense at all, would it? And so here, the master plan to remove the 'empowering' aspect of the internet for the subspecies is now unfolding..." [see post]
Totalitarian is the only goal. Nothing less. Locking down the internet means shutting down the very last possible source of anything that contradicts the ZWO Big Brother narrative. This has officially now begun. As bad as it is already - as far as the reality of already living in a fictionalized zwo narrative...who can fathom what it looks like from here. Definitely be aware nonetheless.

Rev. 18:4
John 8:12 'Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life'

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Anonymous said...

Yep! Three sites I used to go to just recently have been taken down. And we all should be aware by now that when searching for info (and I don't mean Snopes), we are not able to locate and pull up what we used to be able to access...it's either gone or has been placed all the way back into 'never, never land' and who knows how far that goes. So glad I did my research early on. Many will not be able to locate truth, but only lies and deception. In fact, there is only one truth that we all need to know about and that is who Jesus Christ is and what He accomplished for our salvation. 1 Cor. 15:1-4!!!!!! Now that's TRUTH! Praise God!