HI Gets On Bandwagon - 12th State To Ban 'Gay Conversion Therapy': Baphomet 'Un-Indoctination' Not To Be Tolerated

Hawaii becomes 12th state to ban 'gay conversion therapy' for minors

Hawaii on Friday [4-28-18] banned so-called “gay conversion therapy” for children under 18, becoming the 12th state to ban the controversial practice that some say is protected religious expression, Hawaii News Now is reporting.

The language in Hawaii’s bill, reports KHON-TV (Honolulu), is rather broad and far-reaching:

“[The Bill] Prohibits teachers and persons who are licensed to provide professional counseling from engaging in or advertising sexual orientation change efforts on students and persons under eighteen years of age.”

Representative Della Au Belatti, who helped introduce the bill back in January, said that Hawaii’s LGBTQ youth need to know that their government has their back.
re: 'need to know that their government has their back'

...or, need to really know, is that the 'government', so-called, doesn't care anything at all about "their back"...but what they really want to have is their mind and soul.

Forcing genderless-indoctrination on all in the schools, and then 'banning' by law any type of organized opposition to this Baphomet-trans-formation youth-brainwash soul-robbing program. 2018. Absurdness is reality. Dark dark and darker it goes. Strong delusion visibly now beginning to settle down on the earth...[2Thes. 2:11-12] - surrender not your mind or soul...or your children [Proverbs 21:7] - fyi

Rev. 18:4
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