Sergei Skripal, Stormy Daniels i.e. 'Daniel's Storm': Name-Game Reveals Russia Syria Etc. A Fake-Prophecy 'Scripted-Storm' - In Plain Sight

Everything scripted, the fact of it then hidden-in-plain-sight. That is how the game is played. It's the tell. Kabala-kode requires it. Very often, if not always, the game is told in the name. The name-game. Couple of recent very telling name-game examples the reason for this post:

First example 'Sergei Skripal' - all have heard the name - the supposed Russian/UK double-agent spy who along with his 33-yr. old daughter was supposedly poisoned in the UK with a military-grade nerve-agent by "the Russians", causing the US and UK to pull their diplomats out of Russia [link] - forwarding the 'Russia-the-bad-guys' WWIII zio-agenda.

Is that believable. Is not the name the give away - 'Skripal'. And not for just this story, but for all-things msm in general? Skripal plainly is 'script all' i.e 'all a script' or all scripted. They are openly telling it - alas few pick up on it though. The name game.

Next what about the infamous 'Stormy Daniels'. Pure ordo-ab-chao with this one is it not. But before considering the openly-hidden message in that name it's connection to the infamous 10-5-17 'calm before the storm' comment made by 777-Trump just prior to when the Stormy Daniels production began [1-12-18] should be noted:

[10-5-17] CNN - While taking photos alongside military leaders and their spouses before a Thursday night dinner at the White House [10-5-17], President Donald Trump cryptically stated reporters were seeing "the calm before the storm." -- On Friday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined to elaborate on what, specifically, the President meant. -- "As we have said many times before ... we're never going to say in advance what the President's going to do, and as he said last night in addition to those comments you're going to have to wait and see," she said when asked by reporters if he was referring to military action. [source: CNN]

re: 'We're never going to say in advance"

No this is true, they will never "say in advance", but, they will always hide-in-plain-sight what they are going to do in advance. As here:

"Calm before the storm...You'll find out" said Trump. Just a coincidence ? that three months later 1-12-18 the wall Street Journal breaks the 'Stormy Daniels' story: link

Since Trump's cryptic comment of 10-5-17, how is that the USA, the world even, has been inundated with a 'storm of chaos' surrounding the person who goes by the name 'Stormy Daniels'?

Since the whole thing is just too coincidental to be coincidental, it must then be another hidden-in-plain-sight instance of the infamous name-game - to send out a message. And sure enough, turn that name around and what do you get: 'Daniel's storm'

This would be a clear reference to the biblical Book of Daniel. The 7th chapter of the book of Daniel describes a great 'storm' [Dan. 7:2-3] that culminates in the collapse of the existing world system [Dan. 7:23], which event then gives rise to the biblical Antichrist [Dan. 7:24-25]. Which just so happens to be exactly what the 'global powers' so-called are right now setting the stage to make happen - via a fake Gog Magog WWIII 'Daniel's chapter 7 storm':

Details on 'Daniel's storm' of bible prophecy/fake Gog-Magog are at these links:

The fourth beast shall devour the whole earth....and ten kings shall arise - Daniel 7:24*

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It's all a script. They said it themselves. Clear as can be. Be aware.

Rev. 18:4
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*Daniel 2:44 'And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever'


tsisageya said...

Unfortunately I can't go with you everywhere because, frankly, much of it is nonsense, in my opinion. But I can go with you this far: I've discovered that the KJV version of Psalms 2 is the best translation. Even the NKJV doesn't do it justice. The mere difference between the words "imagine" and "plot" means a lot. (No poem intended)

But I don't always think the KJV version is necessarily the best. I also do love it for the 23rd Psalm, however. There's none better, in my opinion.

tom m. said...

re: don't believe KJVO, "nonsense" here...

...we know we know

you already said it...many times

Anonymous said...

The storm president Trump is referring to must mu Stormy Daniels.

lila said...

I believe the King James Bible is always the best translation in English.

tom m. said...

I believe the KJV is the only version of the bible that is of God.

Also, in languages other than English, only bibles translated from the KJV are good, not those made from the corrupt Westcott-Hort Nestle-Aland texts. 'For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit' - Luke 6:43