HI Governor Signs 'Doctor-Kill' Bill: HI Doctors To Begin Killing Patients i.e. "Useless Eater" Culling January 2019

Hawaii Governor Signs Assisted Suicide Bill

Legalization of physician-assisted suicide will take effect Jan. 2019

A bill called the Our Care, Our Choice Act was first introduced to Hawaii's lawmakers on January 24. The legislation sought to make it legal for terminally ill patients with an estimated six months or less to live to request fatal prescriptions from their physician.

It passed through the state's two houses and came to the governor's desk at the end of March. Hawaii's Gov. David Ige signed the measure into law on Thursday. Ige said at the signing, "It is time for terminally ill, mentally competent Hawaii residents who are suffering to make their own end-of-life choices with dignity, grace and peace."

A slew of politicians and lobbyists were present in Ige's office when he signed the bill.*

Hawaii is now the sixth state to legalize assisted suicide, following in the footsteps of California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Assisted suicide is also legal in the District of Columbia.

This post is a follow up on: HI 6th State To Pass 'Assisted Suicide' i.e. Legalize Doctors Killing Off 'Useless Eaters' - Vote 23-2 [Skull and Bones 322] 3-30-18 "Hawaii 6th state to deputize the medical profession to now legally 'cull the herd'. Doctor-assisted suicide they call it. On to the governor's desk where he has promised to sign off on it. *Of course. Can one rise to any prominent government position if not 'one of them'. Answer: clearly no. The state senate vote 23-2 for passage, a '322' hidden in plain sight that is, making that reality all the more apparent. Skull and bones, doctors legalized to kill, goes right together...' -- "So-called doctors prescribing death-potions to facilitate "suicide" can in reality only have one true purpose. Cloaking it in compassion-speak until "zio-kingdom comes" can never hide that true purpose either. Killing off the excess sheeple when they become "useless eaters" aka culling the herd is the only possible, and very transparent, reality of the now burgeoning global kill-agenda. And if any believe that the plan is to leave the program as it is here at the outset, with doctors only 'prescribing' for 'willing' patients to self-administer, that really would be quite naive. Once that line of 'power of life and death' is crossed**, as it definitely has now been, there are no stops after that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and with the taste of blood fresh on their tongues, the path they've gone down can lead only to an ultimate freefall into corruption virtually unimaginable. Men making themselves god, deciding life and death - what could be more 'Antichrist' than this?  [see post]
Anything goes in Babylon. Babylon is not rising it is here. Babylon is a very dark place. Maranatha

Rev. 18:4
**Psalms 68:20 'He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death'

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