Times Square CCTV Footage Real Or CGI? And Name Game - Does 'Elsman' Mean God-Man? Also '88'

Follow up on: 'Times Square' Crash Loaded With Hidden-In-Plain-Sight: 'ISIS Theatre' (1515 Broadway) Coming Soon? "Real or staged? Is anything that comes from the Daily-Chaos 'News Factory' real anymore? The answer, as always, is going to be found by looking for the hidden-in-plain-sight-clues. This 5-18-17 NY Times Square car-running-over-people incident looks to be a textbook example of the Hidden In Plain Sight game..."  -- [5-23-17 update to this 'follow up' link - (see pic @ post): Just as Foretold In Times Square photo - 'ISIS' Said to Be Cause Of 5-22-17 Manchester 'Attack']

[5-20-17] Times Square - did something happen there? As always, before the dust settles on any particular 'event', three more 'events' happen, and that particular one is pushed out of the immediate headlines, but the 'resulting impact' then becomes part of the ongoing narrative. Case in point "Times Square". Are 'random car attacks' going to become commonplace now - similar to the way that "random shootings" became commonplace? With this Times Square event the groundwork has been laid for that very thing.

This in a large part due to the 'official' cctv-footage of this event looking somewhat realistic. No doubt most if not all have by now seen it. These 'realistic looking' images have now been planted into the collective consciousness of John Q. Public. 'Somewhat' realistic is the key in regard to accepting it or questioning it though. The released cctv-footage shown to the world was speeded-up, spliced together, much of it blurry, to point out a few issues. Lots of YT videos examining it for any that want to spend the time to take a closer look at the whole thing.

At any rate, there are only two possibilities: (1) the event is real, just as presented to the world; or, (2) the event was staged. If the event were staged, there could actually be a number of possibilities as to how it could be done. Stunt men, CGI, combination of both, for a few examples.

Which is the reason for this post. If there are things in the 'official video' that do not look right, then the whole must be questioned. Such is the case with the "Times Square" cctv-footage. The first video below reveals just such a problem with it - i.e. strong appearance of cgi (computer generated imaging). It is a composite video actually, the second half of it showing how cgi is done - taken from the second video below (titled: Times Square Hoax - How they faked the CCTV footage) - it is the full length version of it for any interested in watching the whole thing:

On the cgi question one more thing to note which is evident in this image clipped from 1st video above - which was taken from official Times Square cctv. Note area around 'run-over-man'. The pattern of the surrounding ground area is blurred-out in the spot around run-over-man (note the backpack) who in the video stands up after being 'run over by the car' - marked by the red dotted lines. Looks like a cgi blend-in.

Next, here he is, the 'survivor' of the 'run over' seen in the first video (and above image) in an on the spot interview, not a scratch on him, describing what supposedly had just happened as his "backpack being grazed" - clipped from a different video which can be viewed here: link. Reason for posting this image - note the '88' numerology. Just happens to make it in there at the key moment. On the kabbala-significance of the '88' see: Trump first visit to White House - scroll 1/2 way down

Couple more things also before moving on: Note that the bumper falls off just before the car runs-over 'backpack-guy'. Why? Driving forward-only on sidewalks no reason for the bumper getting torn off. Bumpers do not just fly off cars because of speeding. Note also: 'Backpack-guy' talks about 'the bumper coming off' on his 'near-miss' experience in the interview pictured above [YT link], providing a positive ID on him.

On another aspect of this event is the name of the alleged 18 yr. old victim - Alyssa Elsman. 'El' is the Hebrew word or name for 'God'. 'Elsman' then would mean God's man, or God-man. Always the name-game. Could it be construed as an as-above-so-below depiction of the running-over of the God-man? God man the Lord Jesus Christ?

These are observations. Getting all available information is important. What the chances are of seeing this type of thing again is probably not hard to determine. As mentioned above, there are many more YT videos, as well other info sources raising many more questions for any interested.

If one thing is faked - then what? That can be answered in one way only.

Rev. 18:4
1Timothy 2:5 'For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus'

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