A21 Animal-Psyop Is Back: Shark Jumps In Boat, Ship Kills Whale, Tiger Kills Keeper, And 'Tiger' Woods - All In One Day

Animal Kingdom On The Offense?

Three 'animal kingdom' encounters with the 'human world' in one day. Three on the same day...and each one very unlikely at best. Anybody buying it? Since when do great white sharks jump into boats and bloody fishermen - as in story #1 below? Answer: since never. And story #2 tiger somehow entered enclosure - but no reports of how that happened - and killed keeper. Did the tiger 'let itself in'. That does after all fit exactly the theme being advanced the past couple of years by the ZWO BoP - animals gaining awareness and striking out against their human captors [see links below*]. Note 'twitter reaction' was said to be concern 'for the tiger'. Pure agenda 100%. Note also "eyewitness name" of story #2: Knott. As in the story is true? ummm...Not! And one more tiger-thing. How is it that this happens same day as 'Tiger Woods' supposedly gets a DUI arrest [link] and is all over the make-believe-news? The absurdity level of the make-believe news is so far off the chart nowadays there are no charts anymore. It's unchartable.

And story #3 tragic story of "endangered" whale of quote "beauty and magnificence" which had been seen in the area since 1999 according to story - meaning it was a 'crowd favorite' - being 'killed' by human activity i.e. a ship. "Quite shocking...you don't normally see them on beaches" said story #3 'eyewitness' named Goldman - emphasizing just how tragic of a thing this is in case some may miss the tragic-ness of human ships killing endangered favorite whales. 'Goldman' - is that a Zio-clue?

Bad bad humans messing around in the animals domains. Agenda 21 does not like that. The three 'stories':

1. Fisherman left bloodied after great white shark jumps onto boat
A New South Wales fisherman has told of his harrowing encounter with a great white shark that jumped into his boat....“The thing hit me in the forearm, spun me around and knocked me off my feet,” Mr Selwood said in a phone interview...Selwood managed to make a distress call from his radio as he took refuge on the nose of the boat....Marine Rescue worker Lance Fountain told 9news.com.au Mr Selwood was “covered in blood” and “quite shook up” from the encounter when first responders arrived.

2. 'Freak accident' led to female keeper being killed by tiger, Hamerton Zoo says
A "freak accident" was to blame for the death of keeper who was killed by a tiger at Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire...Police said the unnamed woman died after a tiger "entered an enclosure with a keeper". The force added that the tiger involved was believed to be fine, as Twitter users expressed fears over what would happen to the animal. -- “Sadly the female zookeeper died at the scene,” it said. “At no time did the animal escape from the enclosure...Eyewitness Jeff Knott, from Cambridgeshire, said staff had been "a real credit" to the zoo during the evacuation.

3. Blue whale that washed ashore in northern Calif. has been spotted dozens of times before
The body of an endangered, 79-foot-long blue whale that washed ashore in Marin County, California, had injuries consistent with being struck by a ship, according to an expert from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CBS San Francisco reports...Based on fluke markings, this particular whale was first spotted in 1999 -- "It's quite shocking, I would say, to see a creature of such beauty and magnificence so damaged and washed up. I guess you don't normally see them on beaches," Goldman said.

Real or Agenda 21 micromanagement-of-earth psyop - as well relegating the 'cattle' to 'cattle status' psyop? This was the topic of these previous posts:

*'Cecil' Psyop Part II: Lion Reportedly Kills Guide In Same Park Cecil 'Killed' - Revenge Of The Lions?; 'Zoo' TV Show 8-25-15 "Is the animal kingdom rising up against humankind? Without question, to the astute observer, it is very clear that this is a new theme that is now, suddenly, out-of-the-blue, being pushed across the planet by the global media conglomerate. Stories of alleged wild animal attacks against humans are flying out hot-off-the-press from all over the globe at unprecedented rates [see post]. How very strange, is it not, that a new television program on this very subject was also released recently. The new Hollywood production titled "Zoo" hit the airwaves just weeks ago with this exact theme...namely the animal kingdom rising up against humanity...The theme of the new television series 'Zoo' has the animal kingdom gaining cognizance and acting in unison to destroy the 'human species' (just another animal - an underlying theme) and rid the planet entirely of this 'evil' nemesis...The take away is this: this animal-rising psyop is just now getting started. Prediction: much more to come. Note also last paragraph of above article. An elephant is said to also have 'risen up' and killed a 'human' in a town not far from Cecil-land where the lions are now taking matters into their own paws...[see post]

Sharknado Planet Earth: Two More Shark Attacks On Oahu 10/17/15, 'Expert' Blames 'Human Activity'; Numerology Clues 10-18-15 "What is certain though is that getting 'humans' out of the ocean is Agenda 21. What is also clear is that Agenda 21 will never happen by itself. Another thing that seems to be a fact is that 'strange' shark-incidents seem to be increasing in a similar manner to the way in which staged-scripted random-shooting type events have now become a regular thing...Are the sharks ... going on the offensive to rid the ocean of human activities with all their "erratic movements"? Is all this commotion disrupting the sharks peace of mind so that they are now taking it "really really personal" to "save their home" [per 'Back To the Future II' - see post]? So it seems that the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda would have it be believed ... At any rate, it's evident that an agenda to control and/or restrict human activity in the oceans is underway. While it may not be possible to determine what the actual facts are surrounding all these reported shark incidents, it is possible to be very certain about a few facts: 1. Sharks have not suddenly become sentient and with malice aforethought gone on a "personal" attack against humans. -- 2. Human activity in the ocean, never an issue before but now suddenly being described as "erratic", is not enticing sharks to attack. -- 3. Something else is afoot...

see all: 'animals attack' psyop
The would-be zio-kingdom-comers have constructed an utterly absurd entirely make believe world. Believing make-believe is optional. Don't be a cattle - Rev. 18:4
2Tim. 3:13 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'

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