Gendercide Gone More Wild: Princeton University Outlaws The Word "Man"

Princeton bans the word 'man' from its vocabulary

[excerpted] The acclaimed Ivy League university is readjusting its accepted campus terms to do away [with] words that could cause sensitive students, faculty members or school administration any bit of discomfort due to their gender preference.

“The first word on the chopping block is ‘man’...

Not stopping there, university officials are offering a new set of directives for those employed by the academic institution so that they employ proper terminology that should be used when communicating on campus at all times.

“Instead of using ‘man,’ employees are told to use words such as human beings, individuals or people,” The College Fix explained.

Also...“Instead of ‘man and wife,’ use ‘spouses’ or ‘partners,’” the website’s report continued. “Switch out ‘man made’ with ‘artificial,’ ‘handmade’ or ‘manufactured.’”

Prohibited terms were also included in the LGBT-friendly lexicon — which is mandatory for designated school personnel to follow:

“Don’t use the verb ‘to man,’ as in to work something … instead use ‘to operate’ or ‘to staff,’” the instructions read. “Throw out ‘workmanlike’ and replace it with ‘skillful.’” ... Use ‘firefighter’ instead of ‘fireman' ... Use ‘business person’ instead of ‘businessman’ ... Use ‘ancestors’ instead of ‘forefathers’

The memo makes it clear that campus employees in Human Resources are expected to abide by the newly prescribed gender-neutral terminology in all verbal and written communications.

Should of course not be thought of as being restricted to one elitist Ivy League university. As most are well aware, this very thing is spreading through every sector of society like Agenda 21 population-relocating wildfires...

Proactive protective response required for all children/youth. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
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Proverbs 21:7 'The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment'

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