Microsoft Taking Control Of Windows 7 And 8.1 From Users - Choosing Of Updates Eliminated

Follow up on: Alert: Microsoft Vows To "Do Everything They Possibly Can" To "Push" All Users To Windows 10 'The Service' 1-4-16 "We think every machine that is capable of running Windows 10 [should, and that] we should be doing everything we possibly can to get people to move to Windows 10… We are going to try to find that right balance, but we just know there’s a lot of people out there who constantly kick the can down the street without a little bit more of a, frankly, a push..."
Microsoft to end decades-old pick-a-patch practice in Windows 7

[excerpted] Microsoft yesterday announced that beginning in October it will offer only cumulative security updates for Windows 7 and 8.1, ending the decades-old practice of letting customers choose which patches they apply.

"Historically, we have released individual patches ... which allowed you to be selective with the updates you deployed..." -- Instead, only cumulative security and performance updates will be offered. "Individual patches will no longer be available," Mercer said.

Customers who receive patches and bug fixes via Windows Update -- the consumer-grade maintenance service -- will automatically get the security/non-security cumulative update; they will not have a choice. However, businesses deploying updates using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or the Update Catalog download site, may pick between the security-only or the combined security/non-security updates.

Windows 7's and 8.1's first cumulative updates should appear Oct. 11, that month's Patch Tuesday.

Original Microsoft W8 promo video Nov. 2012 [see link at bottom]
Note carefully - for W7 and W8.1 home users, security and "non-security" updates now to be bundled with no option to pick and choose. It's all or nothing in other words, scheduled begin date October 11, 2016. No telling what might be wrapped up in those little packages that MS intends to now install on the non-W10 systems. All sorts of telemetry and tracking goodies almost certainly, and no doubt lots of nifty W10-conversion system-prep stuff...because without question MS's clearly stated intent to "push" people to Windows 10 [see 'follow up' linked at top] has not changed, will not change...and this can only be viewed as the next step of the strategy to do exactly that.

Time to turn off updates altogether? Have to watch very closely. Also have to consider what those 'updates' might start looking like in a year or two or three. Almost a guarantee something resembling W10 'on the inside' at the very least. The goal is after all not a mystery. Namely, to "connect" the entire world with a single 'universal' software system [see link below].

And if not outright converting them, then wiring W7 and W8.1 machines into 'The System' as much as possible, however it can be done, likely is where this goes. Where else can it go? Open source like Linux is always an option too but it's hard to not think they must have a plan for that also.

Anyway here is where it stands today August 2016 in the quest to build the 666 Big Brother global control system - coming for the W10 holdouts. Be very much aware.

Related: Windows 10 'The Service' Is Big Brother Computer Takeover: "All I Wanna Be Is Everything" Says He; "World Is Ready" 8-7-15 "Taking control of software out of the hands of users has been a stated goal of the would-be global-population managers for a number of years now [see post] ... Windows 8 released at the end of 2012 was actually the first major step toward this end. In retrospect it is clear the W8 was never intended to be anything more than just that - just the first step in the overall transition. "The World is Ready" was the motto at that point (see post) ... That was then, this is now. Windows 10 is now to be the fruition of the plan...With W10 redefining the operating system as a service, updates are now mandatory. Not only security updates, but also the very system features. Like it or not, whatever new thing comes out is getting downloaded and installed automatically on W10 systems. No 'off' button on this one. And this for "the life of the device" says Microsoft ...The reality is that [the plan is for] a virtually 'universal' software-system. Everything everywhere will be easily connected into it ... This is exactly what Microsoft [said] in the above quote from the Microsoft [original] Windows 8 website [see post]: "Your life, connected through the cloud". Connected to what? Connected to the Brave New World global grid of course - your life, digitalized, in the hands of the software-controllers of the nether-world. [see post]

Rev. 18:4
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