Dallas 7-7-16 'Police-Shooting' A 777 Psyop - Michael Jackson Witness, Mark Of The Beast

Dallas another psyop? How can it not be? The pace of the program to dismantle America has definitely accelerated to warp speed as the action is now literally non-stop. Gun-grabbing, police state building, racial unrest to create chaos, which then, if ignited into conflict, i.e. divide and conquer, allows large scale police state rollout. Absolutely staged/scripted through and through from the alleged initial police shooting of citizen to the 'protest' rallies to the alleged shooting of police by citizen. Utterly manufactured unreality 2016 - it could not really be any more transparent. 

Posted here is just one little video making what may seem to some as an obscure little observation. It is interesting enough though. These so-called news i.e. propaganda programs are professionally produced which makes it curious. Let the viewer decide for them self whether there be merit. The fact is that to spend much time debunking these endless events is at this point just about point-less. And to spend the time and energy to unravel all the twists and riddles is just not worth the effort it requires. As soon as you do there's two more. That everything happening across the globe these days is part of one massive hoax is really not even questionable anymore. Ordo ab chao cui bono - it's automatic. For those interested though, already on Youtube probably hundreds of videos have gone up/are still going up, tearing this one to pieces. Browse especially the comments as many more glaring inconsistencies are discovered by viewers. For example the photo below of which a commenter in one of the threads made the observation that none other than "Michael Jackson" was a witness and was even then calling in - which illustrates the usual - namely that this alleged incident as they all are is riddled with 'tells' - i.e. the hidden-in-plain-sight thing. Besides the name-game as just mentioned, the numerology-sorcery of any given event is never excluded. This one is no different, starting with the date - which is the subject matter of this video. Take it for what it is:

Something else about the '777' windows that is very interesting. And this admittedly is a stretch but still seems curious - i.e. two things about those windows: the strange shape of the windows, in particular as none of the other windows visible have the same shape, and two, the location of the windows in the photo. They are right on the forehead [see photo below].

Those three windows actually look very much like the 'Monster' drink logo [link], which itself as many know, has much more to it than meets 'the eye':

777 = 666 mark of the beast

[link] The Hebrew #6, spelled 'vau', looks fairly similar to a '7', suggesting the possibility that the '777' is intended as a hidden '666'; compare Monster Energy logo, which appears to be a triple 'vau' or 666
[the 'Monster' logo design is 'claw marks' - literally the 'mark' of the beast - which goes right along with the Monster slogan "unleash the beast"]:

Michael Jackson an 'eye' witness
Rev. 13:16 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free
and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads'

Final analysis on the 777/666 Dallas 7/7/16 event? - not believable.
6-10-16 update: Dallas 777 Psyop Update: 90+ Police Quit DPD In May-June - Making Way For Psyop Team?

Rev. 18:4

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John Cole said...

The shooter's first name is Micah, and Micah is book "33" of the Bible.