National Weather Service Issues Tsunami Warning For Connecticut 'By Mistake' 9-24-15;  Tsunami Conditioning

Oops ... tsunami warning issued for CT

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said a tsunami warning for Connecticut was inadvertently broadcast from the National Weather Service Thursday morning. The alert included Fairfield County, part of Long Island Sound and New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties.

“It was an internal test for the alert that went live,” said Scott Devico, spokesman for the department. “The message was sent through the emergency alert system. The first thing we did was make contact with the National Weather Service and was told it was an accident.” The department later sent out a tweet letting people known it was a mistake. He said no emergency services were activated once it was determined the alert was a mistake.

The 'it was a mistake' follow-up statement from the National Weather Service; 9-24-15
This post is a follow up on, related to: 9-16-15 Chile 'Tsunami' Natural Or Pacific-Wide 'Tsunami Bomb' Drill? Mass Evacuation Drills Called For 9-17-15 "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet -- Strange thing this reported Chile 9-16-15 quake-tsunami event. It is being recorded as having been a "Pacific-wide tsunami", although very little to none in the way of damaging effects have been reported anywhere - other than a few locations in Chile. No doubt the entire Pacific-wide region was put through what in essence then turned out to be nothing more that a massive drill. A global drill even -- Everybody near any ocean is under threat, as it goes...Tsunamis anywhere anytime is the 'new norm' John Q. public is supposed to believe. -- Here again is what makes this Chile global 'tsunami drill' a thing to be wondered about. While for most of the supposed-to-be-affected areas the 'tsunami' turned out to be a total non-event, "tsunami-conditioning" of the general public worldwide took a huge leap forward. - - Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000 that is currently being re-aired just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami...[see post]
Tsunami conditioning for creating in the subconscious mind of the public the notion of the anytime any coast tsunami as a natural, normally-occurring reality? What else. Even though Connecticut has never seen anything close to a tsunami. What does that have to do with geo-engineered tsunamis on demand though. Exactly. Agenda 21 'natural-coastline' restoration goals have to be met somehow don't they?
"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack
to Destroy any Coastal Place"
Take note. Especially all coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet.  Rev. 18:4
Job 26:10 'He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end'

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Atosssa said...


Interesting convergence on Sept 28

Sept 28 = lunar eclipse = Feast of Tabernacles.

Sept 28 also happens to be a big event at the UN.
Many world leaders are due to speak at the UN on
Sept 28, including Putin. This special “jubilee”
70th session of the UN began on Sept 15 and ends
on Sept 28… which just happen to also be the
exact date span the rumored asteroid is due to
hit near Puerto Rico… the rumor NASA thought
necessary to publicly discredit.

” On September 15, the jubilee 70th session of the UN General Assembly is opening. On September 28, a high-level session will start working to bring together the majority of the heads of states and governments, as well as foreign ministers. To crown it all, at a special summit on 25-27 September, world leaders will adopt the global development agenda after 2015. ”


” Putin’s speech at UN General Assembly scheduled for September 28 ”


” The rumor maintains that an area around Puerto Rico will be struck by an asteroid between September 15 and September 28. ”