Pepsi "Next" Replaces Sugar With Unknown Sweetner - It's A Secret

Pepsi Next - 60% Less Sugar - But What Is In it? - It's a Secret

So what exactly is this magic ingredient of Pepsi that will be appearing in a new version, and how is it made? Unfortunately, those questions are hard to answer. Senomyx... refers to them only as 'enhancers' or 'ingredients'... The products work by triggering receptors on the tongue and tricking your taste buds into sensing sweetness — or saltiness or coolness, in the case of the company's other programs...

So are Senomyx's covert ingredients safe? That, too, is anyone's guess... many of its enhancers have 'been granted' GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status, but all that means is that the company did its own assessment and then concluded everything was fine. We don't know whether Senomyx did any testing since the company isn't required to submit anything to the FDA.

There's no reason to think that Senomyx's products will cause harm, but until or unless Pepsi decides to share details about how exactly it's achieving a 60 percent reduction in sugar while keeping the taste the same, customers will be drinking their 'scientifically advantaged' sodas completely in the dark.”

The lack of labeling requirements is particularly troublesome and will probably become an issue in the future. Since these compounds (whatever they are) are used in such minute quantities, they don’t have to be listed on the label. They’ll simply fall under the generic category of artificial and/or natural flavors.
Excerpted from: What are these genetically modified ingredients and are they safe? - mercola.com
Compare: Unlabeled Poison In Your Food? "Neotame" From Monsanto 2-9-12 "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that one of Monsanto's latest creations, a synthetic sweetener chemical known as neotame, does not have to be labeled in food products, including even in organic food products...So just like with aspartame, the FDA has once again approved for use a dangerous sweetener chemical that metabolizes into formaldehyde when consumed. Except this time, the chemical contains added 3-dimethylbutyl, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed as one of the most hazardous known chemicals, and it does not have to be labeled on any of the products to which it is added..."Neotame has similar structure to aspartame -- except that, from it's structure, appears to be even more toxic than aspartame," writes HolisticMed.com on its page about neotame...Even Organic products, which are supposed to be unadultered with chemicals, are not required to state when Neotame is inside...The reach of Neotame is likely to be extensive. They're planning to replace other artificial sweeteners with it. [see post]

Something is very very wrong when the would-be global overlords are using every possible resource to demonize a God-given natural product like sugar and then forcing unidentified laboratory-created concoctions on the public as replacements. Even to the point of legislating against sugar, as in NY, where despite the recent overturning of their soda ban, have vowed to now force the issue through the court [link]. Definitely something very wrong. Pass the Pepsi? - no thanks. fyi
Psalms 37:12 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth'

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