Scripting The News - That's How the 'NWO Bureau Of Propaganda' Rolls; North Korea

Related to: America Punk'd Again - Dorner Psy-op 2-13-13 "There is no real news anymore. Probably never has been, but the reality of that statement being true is at this point more evident than it has ever been. It is simply a 24/7 endless-loop of manufactured propaganda for the sole purpose of creating an alternate reality to achieve an agenda. What is being put out as the 'latest news' is in fact nothing more than a bizarre soap-opera with endless plot twists constantly merging into convoluted sub-plots, numbing the minds of the many still unsuspecting public as the Brave New World agenda is forced upon them"
:14 ...mindless media parrots repeating the same talking points over and over again

1:58 ...there are affiliate news services that supply packages and scripts to hundreds of stations around the country

2:22 ...the story being mindlessly regurgitated

2:37 ...these anchors ask no questions, do no fact-checking, and hold no different interpretation of the news they are delivering, is not only absurd it is downright dangerous

It truly is beyond dispute...mindless regurgitation of scripted propaganda - 24/7 - to create an alternate reality. In just the past few months JQP (John Q. Public) has been subjected to...to point out just a few examples: epidemic flu season epidemic flu season - get a vaccine get a vaccine, fiscal cliff fiscal cliff, gun control gun control, Manti Te'o Manti Te'o, Dorner Dorner, deadly winter storm deadly winter storm (it's snowing), meteorites meteorites, Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius, sinkholes sinkholes, superbugs superbugs, homosexual good homosexual good, cyberattack cyberattack, and now the latest absurdity...North Korea North Korea. Endless endless [compare]. One note on the two most recent scripted news stories - cyberattack cyberattack [link] and North Korea North Korea...wonder if one day in the future, at some point, the power grids and the internet just happened to go down...wonder just wonder if maybe North Korea might get blamed for setting off one of them there (supposed) sci-fi upper-atmosphere nukey thingys - whatta they call them, oh yeah - electro-magnetic-pulse (emp)? Just a thought.

The NWO Bureau of Propaganda - it's real and it's relentless. That without question includes talk radio. Mindless news reporting to create a mind-numbed populace for enslavement purposes. That's how they roll. Don't be rolled.
 Rev. 18:4
Nahum 3:1 'Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery' [Babylon - Zionist new world order]


John Cole said...

U.S. on alert for nuclear blast overhead.


tom m. said...

There it is..right on cue:

NK emp 'threat'

a week of hype and it's all set up now for anytime in the future

a 'b-plot' movie