Florida 'Sinkhole' And New Madrid Fault Line Connection?

Follow up on: Florida 'Sinkhole' An NWO As-Above-so-Below 'Sequester' Message To USA? 3-1-13 "Two weeks ago it was meteorites, now the earth is opening up and swallowing people, say the msm news sources... Exterior photos only, not a single interior photo to be found anywhere. Take our word for it. The earth opened up and swallowed a man alive. Even though concrete floors have lots of rebar or wire mesh and sections can not break off and cave in without causing a lot of damage - but of course it did this time and it was all nice and neat inside the house - take our word for it" - 'there is one more thing that seems noteworthy as far as 'sinkholes' go, and that is how great an effort the NWO-msm Bureau of Propaganda has been putting out over the last year or so to establish a sinkhole-New Madrid faultline connection. Seems that 'sinkholes' are a major threat now, and may even trigger a massive New Madrid 'earthquake' any day now that would cripple the U.S., or so they say. And now, after sinkhole-sequester day 3-1-13, everybody knows about "sinkholes". Just noting it again'  [see post]
Florida 'sinkhole' finally revealed. After days of drama, with the world watching and waiting to see the 'sinkhole' that reportedly swallowed a man alive, the 'photo evidence' was finally released. The world got their first and only look at the mysterious hole that managed, throughout the length of the drama, to confine itself to the interior of the house, completely out of view, all the while doing no damage to the house itself. This alone is remarkable. Shot from above, on an angle, and shaded, take a good look at the photo people because that is all you are going to see. In fact, within what must have been no more than a few hours, trucks were pulling up and the hole was already being filled with gravel.

So is it believable? If you look at the picture on the right you'll see that there is a storm drain on the curb in front of the house, or a little to the left, facing the house from the street. There is another one across the street. If there are storm drains then there is a system of large pipes under there also. It would have been very easy to dig a 'sinkhole' and remove material through the pipe system if somebody wanted to. On some of the newscasts you could see workers coming up out of the manhole. Point is that the picture ultimately is inconclusive. In other words the one and only image shown to the world doesn't really prove anything. Could have been done anytime or during the time that this story played out to the world.

This is just an observation. Is the 'sinkhole that swallowed a man' story believable? Let each decide for them self what to make of it, if anything. What is particularly interesting about this story though is the effect that it has had, as mentioned in the comment from the 'follow up' post linked above - everybody now knows about "sinkholes". This was not the case before this event. "Sinkholes", the globalist cartel would have John Q. Public believe, have now become 'epidemic'. Sinkholes, they claim, are suddenly appearing everywhere, and are creating very dangerous geological conditions in many areas - not only in this country, but even globally, say they. These dangerous conditions could lead to massive earthquakes, it is said, and probably more noteworthy than any other is the claimed dangers due to 'sinkholes' along the New Madrid fault line, as has been the big news for a couple of years now. A quick search for 'New Madrid' and 'sinkholes' will bear this out.

Essentially what has happened here, over the past few years then, is that a scenario has been created whereby a New Madrid 'quake' is now to be seen as being imminent. This is where this most recent 'man swallowed alive' episode becomes highly significant in that it has put an exclamation mark on the whole thing, and drawn the attention of the world to the 'sinkhole phenomena'. Amazing how that is.

Here is a excerpt from a two-year old article which gives a very good and concise description of what the public is being told would be the result of a 'quake' along the New Madrid Fault:

New Madrid Earthquake Could Cripple U.S. 3-15-11 "The New Madrid fault line is centered in the central part of the country and could affect more than 15 million people in eight states. (Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.) But the roughly 1 million people in the metro Memphis, Tenn., region are considered by the U.S. Geological Survey to be at greatest risk from a quake of 7.0 or 8.0. The report predicts that a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line could lead to catastrophic loss of life, including for children and first responders. This part of the country appears unprepared in terms its capacity for buildings and infrastructure to survive a big quake...There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zone -- three reactors in Alabama -- that are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems...The USGS report predicts that a major quake would create horrific scenes like something out of a science fiction movie, potentially cutting the Eastern part of the country off from the West in terms of vehicular traffic and road commerce..."The older highways and railroad bridges that cross the Mississippi River, as well as older overpasses, would likely be damaged or collapse in the event of a major New Madrid earthquake," according to USGS."

To put it as simply as possible, according to what is described above, the USA would be absolutely devastated. Interesting to note how something like that could also usher in a massive ordo ab chao new-world-order transformation of the USA into the Agenda 21 communitarian global government model - overnight. Just noting, again.

Something else interesting about this 'man swallowed alive' story - the "sinkhole expert" that was called in to evaluate the situation, just so happens that his name is Larry Madrid, of the Madrid Engineering Group:

Florida Sinkhole to Unstable To Rescue Man "The soil cannot hold the slope that it is right now," said Larry Madrid, president of Madrid Engineering Group, a sinkhole expert called in by the..."

Madrid Engineering? Can earthquakes be 'geo'-engineered?

see: Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher 10-15-10; [follow links, connect dots]

Sinkholes and the New Madrid faultline. Is there anything to see here or not? - you decide.  Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 21:31 'The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD'


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