"Repair The World"? Obama Pledges The Kabbalah (Again) - Invokes "Tikkun Olam" In 3/21/13 Jerusalem Speech

Update on: Obama "Unbreakable Alliance" Israel Trip 2-26-13 "Obama Goes To Israel March 20-22, 2013, to 'confirm' an "Unbreakable Alliance" - trip given name and logo first time ever...A mention should...be made of the flag-logo in this regard. Why is it that the American flag seems to have been swallowed up by the Israeli flag? What happened to the fifty stars representing the fifty states. The only feature visible is the Jewish star of Remphan [Acts 7:43]. How then is this an "alliance of nations"? Obviously the only agenda to be served is the Jewish zionist agenda, which apparently this country has now been wholly delivered unto"
A major part of the Obama Israel trip was a scheduled keynote speech to at least one thousand 'invite-only' Israeli citizens [see link above]. The speech was delivered on March 21, 2013 to reportedly over one-thousand students at Jerusalem's main conference centre. Below is the closing paragraph. Extremely noteworthy is the invocation of the Jewish phrase, from the Jewish Kabbalah - "tikkun olam":

Excerpted from: Transcript of Obama’s 3-21-13 Speech in Israel  "And as the president of a country that you can count on as your greatest friend -- I am confident that you can help us find the promise in the days that lie ahead. And as a man who’s been inspired in my own life by that timeless calling within the Jewish experience -- “tikkun olam” -- I am hopeful that we can draw upon what’s best in ourselves to meet the challenges that will come, to win the battles for peace in the wake of so much war and to do the work of repairing this world."
The phrase "tikkun olam" is extremely significant, and telling, and when clearly understood, brings much needed clarity to the purposes, and discovery of the driving force, of everything transpiring in the world today. The meaning of the phrase is absolutely nothing less than a declaration of the singular intent to achieve the Jewish goal of global domination, which by definition of the term involves controlling "spiritual forces" (and world events) to bring it about. This they refer to as "repairing the world", which according to the Jewish kabbalah, will not happen until all the world recognizes the Jews as the saviors of the world and essentially yield to them as the master race. This was explained in a previous post on the subject, with regard to a previous use of the phrase by Obama:

From "Obama Quotes Kabbalah - Tikkun Olam" 12-26-11:

"Is there a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world? If so, can it be summed up in a single phrase? Would that phrase be found in the Jewish kabbalah?

This statement made by Obama....when understood, is astounding. It literally opens up a panorama of revelation as to how the world is now being "guided" into the so called new world order...Not surprisingly, as it turns out, the phrase "tikkun olam" comes from the Jewish kabbalah. Research will show that this phrase has a wide variety of applications but at it's core the meaning is very profound. It basically embodies the concept of the Jew as the savior of the world, with the power to "control spiritual forces" through their deeds and will, and that it is up to them to "perfect the world". This will be accomplished "when all of humanity recognizes this fact", and comes into unity with them and their 'god' Hashem, in what is to be a "model Jewish society""

becomingjewish: Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means, "repairing the world" or "perfecting the world." In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period. The concept was given new meanings in the kabbalah of the medieval period and further connotations in modern Judaism.

The phrase tikkun olam is used in the longer expression l'takken olam b'malkhut Shaddai, "to perfect the world under God's sovereignty." In other words, when all people of the world abandon false gods and recognize God, the world will have been perfected.

According to the philosopher Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, the physical world is connected to the spiritual worlds above and these spiritual worlds in turn influence the physical world*. Accordingly, Jews have the ability through physical deeds and free will to direct and control spiritual forces. Included in the forces is tikkun. Hashem‟s desire in creation is that His creations will ultimately recognize Hashem‟s unity** and overcome evil. This, according to Luzzatto, will constitute the perfection (tikkun) of creation. Jews have the Torah and are aware of Hashem‟s unity and when all of humanity recognizes this fact, the rectification will be complete.

[*The physical and spiritual worlds being connected, with the spiritual worlds influencing the physical, and the Jews controlling all - here is now found the source of the concept of "as above so below". Important to understand that everything that they do to accomplish the "work" of tikkun olam is done according to this principal. example: here and here]

[**"Hashem" is the god of the kabbalah, not the God of the Bible. 16th century kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovero wrote: "Hashem is found in all things. All things are found in Hashem. There is nothing devoid of Hashem's divinity. Everything is in Hashem. Hashem is in everything, beyond everything." (From Seeing God - Ten Lessons Of The Kabbalah; by David Aaron). This is panentheism, and is an occultic-mystical Jewish redefinition of, and denial of, the triune God of the bible (1John 2:22-23). When the Jew speaks of perfecting the world under the sovereignty of god, it is "Hashem"; in essence it is himself.]

For many Jews, the phrase tikkun olam means that Jews are not only responsible for creating a model Jewish society for themselves, they are also responsible for the welfare for the society at large. This responsibility may be understood in religious, social, or political terms and there are many differing opinions about how religion, society, and politics interplay."

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On a related subject, that being the new pope, much is being made of his being a "Jesuit". This means nothing in reality. Jesuits, it will be understood if these things are grasped, are simply employees of the 'tikkun olam' power-brokers. What will happen after a "Jesuit" pope [link] works some dark ecumenical cabalistic 'magic' and brings about world interfaith, with the Catholic church merged in as well? There is only one possibility, the whole thing is to then be delivered up to 'Hashem', the mystical god-force of 'tikkun olam'. And even as the above photo indicates, and as it is not the first time he has used the phrase while speaking to Jewish audiences, Obama, obviously, is where he is to do the same - solely to usher in the Jewish goal of 'tikkun olam' upon the world - that it be transformed into a "model Jewish society".

There is more to it of course, but it really is that plain and simple. And it all ties directly into bible prophecy; see (if interested):
Zionist Antichrist world order and here (for starters)

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John 3:36 'He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him'


Christsfreeservnt said...

I've been reading some about the Israeli war of Independence of 1948 and their war with Hezbollah in 2006 and about the UN and US involvement, particularly in the war of 1948, and I was wondering your thoughts on the purpose of these two wars in the global scheme of things to take over the world? And, what gain did the US and the UN get from these wars?

tom m. said...

Ultimately the Jews have only one goal. That is to build a temple in Jerusalem, and place a king on "the throne of David", by which, they believe, they are to then exercise their 'divine' right to rule the world. The problem is that the Jews are to this day in unbelief (1John 2:22), which is to say - God is not in it. Nevertheless, all their actions are toward this end, which includes manipulating world events to try to make it happen.

The facts are that the U.S. and the U.N. are both controlled by the Zionist movement, have been from their beginnings, and essentially are just vehicles to gain the objective. Thorough study will show that to be true. The Jews lost Jerusalem in 70ad, it took them until 1948 to regain it. And here is the key thing to understand about that - the Jews returning to the land of Israel in 1948 was accomplished by political maneuvering - in the ongoing attempt to accomplish exactly what is stated above. In other words, they did it themselves. It was in no way the biblically promised restoration of Israel as is commonly taught. That teaching is absolutely untrue. The US from the start has been a base of operations from which to realize the goal. God of course is sovereign, and ultimately it is he who has drawn them back into the land, but it is for judgment [Ezk. 22:17-18,19,20,21-22]. Few understand this. After that, and only after that, God will in fact restore Israel, but they must first recognize the Lord Jesus as both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36).

That is very brief, but here are some posts/articles dealing with the bible prophecy on the subject:

A.C. Gaebelein: Final Conflict, Victory

also: Zion - false foundation

and: Zionism and 'the kingdom'

Christsfreeservnt said...

Thank you Tom for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate your insights.

John Cole said...

Since the goal is to rebuild the Temple, I have often wondered why Israel gave away the Temple Mount in 1967. Any ideas?

tom m. said...


The answer to that question may be that it is simply a matter of timing - which is to say that in 1967 the time was not right to take the Temple Mount away from the Muslims. To have done so would have began a major war with the entire Islamic world that would have no end. The regaining of Jerusalem was the immediate goal, but there was still much work to be done before the 'throne of David' and the temple could be set up. Here now, 2013, and the reality is that much of that work has been done, meaning the needed global-control system is to a great degree in place. This involved, and is ongoing, getting control of the so-called non-integrating gap countries - Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, for instance, all of Africa being conquested now, etc. etc.

When the time is determined to be right, Iran turning into WWIII looks to be the final stage (some think that there may be a regional Syrian conflict first, before the full-blown WWIII agenda). This would be the time when full control of the entire Middle East would be taken, as well being designed to completely collapse the entire old-world-order. After this is accomplished...and "all enemies have been defeated"...then the 'kingdom of Zion' will be established on the earth...is how it is supposed to go.