Professing Christian, Are You An 'Onion' Lover? - M. R. DeHaan

M. R. DeHaan was a widely respected bible teacher and pastor. He founded the Radio Bible Class in 1938, conducting a weekly program for 27 years. From that ministry began also the well-known "Our Daily Bread" daily devotional:
"We remember . . . the onions" Numbers 11:5

Onions are hypocrites. They are renegades, deserters and traitors. One would never suspect from the appearance and odor of the onion that it belongs to the “Lily” family. Yet botanists tell us onions are members of that fragrant and delightful order of flowers, the "lilies". What has happened to the lily to change it to an onion? Somewhere along the line a branch of the “lily" family went astray and belied all that which is suggested by the name of its family. An onion is a lily of a depraved nature. It is a blot upon the fair family name of “Lilacea,” a prodigal son, a disgrace to its lovely brothers and sisters.

No wonder then that onions are mentioned only once in the Bible, and then in an evil connection. Onions belong to Egypt and Egypt is a type of the world. The children of Israel went out of Egypt but had carried their appetite for onions with them, and forgetting all about the God-given manna, they said “We remember . . . the onions.” They did not say, “We remember the Passover Lamb, our deliverance from death, our passage through the sea,” but—“We remember the onions. What a picture of the worldly believer. Onions belong to the "old man" of Egypt and not the.“new man” of Canaan. How much do you feed on the manna of the Word of God, as compared to the onions of pleasure, worldly habits, entertainmant, love of money, success and popularity? Last night you spent over an hour watching TV and all day yesterday you did not spend 10 minutes with your Bible. No wonder you have spiritual indigestion and "halitosis". You can’t live on onions. Imagine the children of Israel “mixing” onions with their manna. Your appetite for “manna” is spoiled by onions. There are many kinds of “onions” — but only one manna. The Bible enumerates some of these “onions” in Colossians 3:5-9. How much better to feed among the lilies” (Song of Solomon 6:3).

M.R.D. - Our Daily Bread 1959
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