Homosexual Sitcom "New Normal" - Designed To 'Implode' The Nuclear Family - Debuts On 9-11

NBC on Same-Sex-Couple-Surrogate-Mom Sitcom: We're Making 'Statement About Changing Definition of Nuclear Family'

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Mormon church-owned NBC affiliate in Utah won't air an upcoming sitcom about a gay couple that invites a surrogate mother into their home as they try to have a baby because the station deems the content inappropriate for its audience.

"The New Normal" is set to debut Sept. 11 on NBC.

He told the newspaper the show's offensive dialogue and explicit content make it an inappropriate fit for the station.

NBC defended the program, noting it makes "a statement about the changing definition of the nuclear family."

"The show is against bigotry and hatred in every form and will make that point whenever characters say outrageous or unacceptable things about race, religion, sexual identity, disability, or tolerance of people outside the definitions of 'normal,'" the network said in a statement Monday.

re: "say outrageous or unacceptable things"

A new show and a new low in the form of avowed aggressive propaganda to make a "statement about changing the definition of the nuclear family" - to do a demolition job on it that is, and to replace it with the new-NWO-normal of 'anything goes'. And don't you dare say anything against this "new normal" of anything-goes because if you do that is outrageous and unacceptable, and it means that you are a bigot and a speaker of hate. Debuts on 9-11 of all days, from the old-normal destroyers at NBC. Rom. 1:28

The clear message being sent is that free speech is soon going to come at a cost. And it would appear that that day is coming sooner than later. But while there is still a little time we would say this: sin is still sin, homosexuals, and the devil is a liar. Believe him not (James 4:7) - which is also to say do not open yourself for a single minute to this mind-numbing soul-rotting spirit-of-antichrist indoctrinating NWO Bureau of Propaganda production. Rev. 18:4
Compare: Talmudic Hollywood Attack On Christian Women: GCB - Good Christian B*****S Begins 3-4-12 On ABC 3-1-12 "Antichrist Kabalist-Talmudic-Zionist Hollywood is not satisfied with their never ceasing promotion of homosexuality and homosexual pseudo-marriage, or their 'desensitizing the public to pedophilia' agenda, which is constant although few can identify it, but will now break new ground once again with this blatant and mocking assault on Christians, specifically Christian women, and on Christianity.

also: Forced Homosexual Agenda - Bow Not 11-21-08
Isaiah 24:5 'The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant'

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