Calls For Ending Religious Free Speech Reach Crescendo At UN General Assembly

Follow up on: 'Muhammad Film Chaos' Update: Pakistani Foreign Minister Khar Reads NWO One-World-Religion Script 9-24-12 The true purpose of the 'Muhammad-film ordo ab chao' global exercise is becoming evermore undeniable....straight from the kabalist-Zionist one-world-religion building manual...forced compliance to 'interreligious' tolerance, i.e. acceptance, through restricting the freedom to cast doubt on or question another's religious beliefs. And make no mistake...the script is being read, and the implementation has begun. [see post]
Muslim Leaders Call Upon Nations to Criminalize Blasphemy at UN General Assembly

A number of Muslim leaders called upon the nations to enact laws that criminalize blasphemy during this week’s UN General Assembly.

Pakastani President Asif Ali Zardari [:] “Although we can never condone violence, the international community must not become silent observers and should criminalize such acts that destroy the peace of the world and endanger the world security by misusing freedom of expression.”

Afghanistanian President Hamid Karzai said that America must resist Islamophobia. - “I call upon leaders in the West, both politicians and the media, to confront Islamophobia in all its many forms and manifestations,” he stated. “As we speak today, the world is shaken by the depravity of fanatics who have committed acts of insult against the faith of over 1.5 billion Muslims. … We strongly condemn these offensive acts, whether it involves the production of a film, the publication of cartoons, or indeed any other acts of insult and provocation.”

Nabil Elaraby of the Arab League made similar statements during the U.N. Security Council session.- The League of Arab States calls for the development of an international legal framework which is binding … in order to confront insulting religions and ensuring that religious faith and its symbols are respected.”

As previously reported, Barack Obama addressed the General Assembly on Tuesday, calling for all religions to be tolerant of one another. He defined “the voices of tolerance” as those who speak out against expression that is believed to be slanderous.

The summit continues until October 1st as other national leaders are expected to make similar statements calling for the criminalization of blasphemy worldwide. Currently, countries such as Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Poland all have laws against blasphemy on the books.

re: "called upon the nations to enact laws...worldwide"

That a massive and gloabally coordinated psychological operation is underway here is utterly transparent. Cui bono? - which is Latin for 'who benefits?'. Who will benefit from enacting a legally binding "international legal framework", as called for by the spokesman for the 'Arab League' (quoted above), which would effectively destroy the right to religious free speech. To preach one's religion can not be done without pointing out the contradictions of opposing beliefs. But of course this is not conducive to one-world religion building, so what is required is a production dramatic enough so that all objections to the contrary could be outweighed.

And surely that is exactly what the world is now being subjected to. The stakes are no less than the "peace of the world and endanger[ing] the world security", according to the President of Pakistan, and if that does not move the world community to action, what will?

And, as the President of Afghanistan claims, using the phrase "Islamophobia" to make his point, the 'objectionable' religious comments are most certainly based upon fear. Following that line of thought can lead only to the intended conclusion that 'fear' is based upon ignorance. And 'ignorance' is of course an evil which simply can no longer be tolerated in the globally enlightened future kaballistically designed for all of mankind, where every religion leads ultimately to the brotherhood of the human species bowed at the throne of the 'universal will' - i.e. the Antichrist. [Isa. 14:12,13,14]

Presidents of nations are singing in perfect NWO harmony to force the one-world-religion agenda upon the people of the planet. Cui bono? It is obvious.
Rev. 18:4
Psalms 96:4-5 'For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.'

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