Update On Barroso Call For United Europe - Europeans React

Update on: Bible Prophecy: EU Draws Closer To Full Economic And Political Integration, And Global Government 9-12-12 "And so the regional global-government plan to merge Europe into a single-entity political-economic Superstate progresses. The European economic chaos has done and continues to do it's destructive work, 'magically' creating international pressure to "fix the region's bank problems" ..."Let's not be afraid", says European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, to "establish a 'contract of confidence' between member countries, EU institutions, social partners, and the Union's citizens."" [see post, video]

CHIEF Eurocrat Jose Barroso ignited fury yesterday by calling for the EU to become a “federation of nation states” run from Brussels.In his most ambitious rallying cry yet for political and economic unity, the European Commission President said “shared sovereignty” was the only solution to the debt crisis in the eurozone.

Mr Barroso also demanded “absolute loyalty” from member states. “Let’s not be afraid of the words: We will need to move towards a federation of nation states,” he said.

Mr Barroso promised a new treaty to effectively establish an elected Europe-wide government and denounced opponents of his dream aspopulists and nationalists”. Mr Barroso also called for a “debate” over the future of the EU and promised an overhaul of its founding treaties to make his dream possible.

He told Euro MPs: “We are in a defining moment. This moment requires decisions and leadership. In Europe, this means accepting we are all in the same boat. It means recognising the commonality of our interests. And it means demanding a true sense of common responsibility

Tory Euro MP Daniel Hannan said: “Mr Barroso has got no idea how far removed he is from public opinion and economic fact. I am alarmed he still seems to think a federal Europe is the answer to Europe’s problems and anyone opposed to it is a populist or an extreme nationalist. “On his definition, three quarters of the people of Europe are populists and extreme nationalists.”

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage issued a furious response to Mr Barroso in the parliament, telling him: “This creeping euro dictatorship will repulse millions of British people.”
re: "the only solution....dictatorship"

Certainly in destroying the sovereignty of individual nations and robbing people of their national identities the kabalist globalists would expect to get some backlash. And just as certain is the reality that they do not intend to be deterred by it. It is all part of the paradigm-shifting strategy. When the uproar begins, so does the labeling of those making the noise, as seen. Suddenly the words "nationalists and populists", in this new-paradigm, are now being assigned a negative connotation. Bad bad nationalists. The new acceptable term then must be 'globalist'. Nationalists bad, globalists good. This concept must be accepted, say the globlists, using classic globalspeak for an explanation - because of the "commonality of our interests", etc..

This 'common interest' is primarily the so-called eurozone 'debt crisis', of course, which is threatening the future survival of all Europeans, of course, and the only solution, of course, is to merge all of Europe into their "creeping Euro dictatorship". We have no other choice, say they.

Of course when it is clearly understood that the so called Eurozone economic 'chaos' has been absolutely orchestrated from the beginning to accomplish this very thing, it is ridiculously simple to see it for the massive sham that it is. Ordo ab chao. Create chaos, come in with the "only solution" - the preplanned solution which just so happens to be essentially dictatorship, regardless of any spin put on it. And the people are not being asked they are being informed. First Europe, then the world. [see: CELAC]

As for bible prophecy believers, the relative few, you are seeing the biblically foretold global-kingdom of Antichrist beginning to take shape, and how the builders are accomplishing the goal. It is by fraud and deception. Christian dominionists and world-changing preterists you are being hoodwinked. The 'kingdom of God' you are striving to bring upon the earth will belong to the 'god of this world' - Lucifer. Wake up before it is too late! Rev. 18:4
Habakuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!'

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