NDAA "Indefinite Detention" Struck Down, White House Says That "Infringes On Obama's Power"

Follow up on: 12-31-11 Happy New Year America - Occupy White House Obama Signs NDAA, Wipes Out The Constitution "Despite any pretended "reservations" the Occupy White House movement claims to have about the unlimited and unchecked authority that they have just granted themselves by creating and passing the NDAA - the "National Disappearing Authorization Act", it is now officially 'on the books'. Makes zero difference who says what, the deed is done. The Constitution has been superseded by military rule. And not only America, the self-granted authority extends worldwide, according to the new Occupy White House law. Anybody, anywhere, anytime, no questions asked, only an accusation, and, no formal charges, no lawyers, no trial, and, shipped off anywhere. Brave New World 2012.
White House Says It's Unconstitutional To Strike Down The NDAA

The Obama administration had some harsh words Friday after a federal judge appointed by Obama said the government doesn't have a right to indefinitely detain anyone even remotely associated with terrorist groups. Judge Katherine B. Forrest permanently blocked the government from enforcing the National Defense Authorization Act, claiming it was too vague and would have a "chilling effect" on free speech.

And now the Department of Justice is calling Forrest's ruling "unprecedented," arguing that the government has long had the authority to detain anyone it deems a threat to the county, The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog reported Friday. And on Monday, the Justice Department asked the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals to put the ruling on hold, according to Law Blog.

Forrest's ruling oversteps the court's authority and infringes on Obama's power to act as Commander in Chief, according to the government's court filings. The Justice Department requested a stay of the ruling pending appeal, which Forrest denied Friday.

Carl Mayer, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the case has hailed the decision as a "huge and historic victory for democracy," saying he believes any challenges from the Obama administration will be shot down, RT reported over the weekend.

re: "infringes on Obama's power...according to the government"

The "indefinite detention" clause being "permanently" struck down in a federal court recently was big news. Not unexpectedly the White House immediately set out to challenge the ruling requesting the ruling judge for a stay which was denied. Also not unexpectedly the government has appealed the ruling to a higher court, now requesting a "hold" of the order, offering for their argument that restricting the dictatorial authority to remove people at will from society "infringes on Obama's power".

While the attorney for the plaintiffs in the case states that he does not believe that any White House challenge will be successful in reinstating the 'disappearing clause' of the NDAA, the reality is that there is very little reason to expect anything but that. Appealing the case all the way to SCOTUS and then slam-dunking it may very well be the exact strategy being employed here by the dictator-makers of the NWO. What better way to make it impervious to objectors. Running it through the entire court system 'for show' and afterwards giving it a SCOTUS stamp-of approval sets it forever in stone. They did it with 'Obamacare'.

"Infringing the power" is NWO dictatorial language. The would-be power-brokers of the Zionist-NWO do not even want the power to determine the size of a cup of soda that can be purchased to be 'infringed' upon. How much more to have absolute control over "persons of interest".

Note: There can be no U.S. Constitution in the NWO...and this is now the NWO. Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 5:8 'Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!'

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