Agenda 21 Taking Over American Recreational Areas

Summertime Blues humanevents.com [excerpted]

Planning a vacation this summer to Miami’s Biscayne Bay for a little fishing? Think again, because the National Park Service wants to set aside a large swath of the pristine area as a marine reserve zone, so you might have to leave the fishing poles at home. And the boat.

Perhaps horseback riding is more your speed and the family plans to ride through California’s Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Parks? Sorry, but all of the permits were pulled for those activities this summer. Or maybe you just want to lounge on the soft sands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and read a novel, fly a kite with the kids, toss a Frisbee to the dog, and watch dad catch some fish? No, no, no and no.

Beachcombers along specific stretches of those legendary shores are seeing signs telling them to leave their kites and pets at home, and to watch where they step. “Leave no footprints behind. Walk in water where footprints wash away,” read the signs posted in February by federal officials. The park service that operates the Cape Hatteras National Seashore pledged to replace them, and the new signs will read: “Walk near water’s edge. Stay below high tide line.” Still not allowed: kites, pets, vehicles, or fishing. Sunbathing is permissible if you don’t mind getting hit by the waves every few minutes.

Roping off national parks to the public and limiting opportunities for recreation, which in some cases were at the request of environmental groups, is a growing trend that lawmakers say they will examine during an oversight hearing of a House Resources subcommittee on April 27.

John Couch, who owns the Red Drum Tackle Shop in Buxton, N.C. and is president of the Outer Banks Preservation Association, said the community supports protections for the birds and turtles, but that the park service is being unreasonable and “heavy-handed” by cutting off miles and miles of access to the beaches and the recreation it provides.

“Experiences that visitors expect are now closed off because of hugely excessive and unprecedented buffer zones that just closes off the beach,” Couch said. “These are immense obstacles.” [read full article at link]
The explanation is very simple: [see map below] "The Wildlands Project would set up to one-half of America into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors (red), all surrounded by interconnecting buffer zones (yellow). No human activity would be permitted in the red, and only highly regulated activity would be permitted in the yellow areas. Four concerned conservative activists who now make up the board of Sovereignty International were able to find UN documentation that proved the Wildlands Project concept was to provide the basis for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity" [from: Texas Fires Forwarding Agenda 21? 9-6-11]

compare: Wrenching Transformation, globalism and 'unsustainables' 4-7-08 "Have you ever stopped to ask yourself just what sort of "human lifestyle changes" might 'the world' expect to experience if/when this "wrenching transformation", as described by [Al] Gore, begins to really be 'tightened down'? ...this is where the ideology intersects with the practical means for accomplishing the globalist agenda. The actual goal is not really the 'wonderful' so-called "sustainability" to "save the planet" as we are to believe, but rather ownership and control over every square inch of this planet. It is nothing less than a total and complete, massive "land grab", and this is to be accomplished through the guise of "environmentalism". Every square inch. The 'beast' will own it all!" [see post]

You can't go here, you can't go there. You can't do this, you can't do that. The (global dictatorship) Agenda 21 "wrenching transformation" of "human lifestyle changes" is in fact being "tightened down" as never before here now in 2012. Translated simply this means enslavement for the global serf class by the 666-ers. Be informed - controlling and owning of "humans" is truly the 'soul' intent. Rev. 18:4
see all: Agenda 21
The totalitarian dreams of the NWO's self-elected overlords of humanity will ultimately fail, because...
Ps. 24:1 'The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein'

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