Privacy Destroying CISPA Coming Up For House Vote Week Of 4-23-12

CISPA creates an exception to all privacy laws eff.org

CISPA creates an exception to all privacy laws...to permit companies to share our information with each other and with the government in the name of cybersecurity. ... CISPA’s ‘information sharing’ regime allows the transfer of vast amounts of data, including sensitive information like internet use history or the content of emails, to any agency in the government including military and intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency or the Department of Defense Cyber Command. Once in government hands, this information can be used for any non-regulatory purpose so long as one significant purpose is for cybersecurity or to protect national security.
CISPA Threatens Privacy cdt.org

CISPA has a very broad, almost unlimited definition of the information that can be shared with government agencies and it supersedes all other privacy laws.

CISPA is likely to lead to expansion of the government’s role in the monitoring of private communications.

CISPA is likely to shift control of government cybersecurity efforts from civilian agencies to the military. Once the information is shared with the government, it wouldn’t have to be used for cybersecurity, but could instead be used for other purposes.

CISPA - the internet becomes an absolute open book, now to be used against the people. Big Brother will be absolutely real if this goes through. That is the bottom line. Advancing out of committee recently 17-1, it now goes before the full House of Representatives to be voted on next week. Recommend watch video full length. Know about it - it's you they want control of. Rev. 18:4

more on Cispa 4-21-12
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