"Moving Ahead For Progress In 21st Century Act" Strips Due Process, Grants Dictatorial Powers To Private Entity (IRS)

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Efforts to pass a bill that would allow the IRS to deny travel rights to U.S. citizens who the feds merely claim owe $50,000 or more in delinquent taxes represents a de facto move to revoke the citizenship of Americans without due process and in complete violation of the Constitution.

Thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a recently passed Senate bill, the suitably Orwellian entitled ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’, includes a provision that allows the federal government to revoke passports of Americans accused of owing back taxes.

The legislation now moves to the Congress where, despite a Republican majority, the IRS provision is expected to be retained in the final version of the bill because it will raise an estimated $750 million dollars over ten years.

“There is no requirement that the tax payer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offense — only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50,000 or more,” reports the Daily Economist.

Empowering the IRS to deny fundamental rights on a whim is completely illegal and unconstitutional.

“There are also numerous Supreme Court precedents protecting these same rights,” writes Jack Swint. “Furthermore, the law appears to violate Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution, which forbids “Bills of Attainder”, which are laws providing for the punishment of an individual without benefit of judicial process.”

“It takes away your right to enter or exit the country based upon a non-judicial IRS determination that you owe taxes,” Constitutional Attorney Angel Reyes told FOX Business. “It’s a scary thought that our congressional representatives want to give the IRS the power to detain US citizens over taxes, which could very well be in dispute.”

What’s next? If the feds can bar you from leaving the country merely by claiming you have committed some infraction without having to provide any evidence, the prospect of Americans being abducted and interned indefinitely under the National Defense Authorization Act with a similar absence of due process is just around the corner.

Will citizens have their drivers license cancelled if the state claims they are behind on their property taxes? How about the government working with big banks to suspend credit cards if an individual is accused of avoiding inheritance or capital gains tax? Will similar punitive measures of punishment be enforced for Americans who attempt to avoid mandatory government health care?
Note: While not clarified in the above article, the IRS is not a part of the Federal Government, but is, as has been shown many times over, a private entity [here].

A totalitarian global dictatorship will recognize the sovereignty of none, either nation or individual. The end goal, being incrementally implemented by acts such as this, is nothing less than exactly that. SCOTUS made very clear only two weeks ago with a symbolic gesture that America is not in any way to be excluded:

NWO Update: SCOTUS Strips Americans Naked 4-2-12 "The Supreme Court ruled Monday that those arrested for even minor violations may be strip-searched before being admitted to jail, saying safety concerns outweigh personal privacy rights...Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote a dissenting opinion, joined by the rest of the court’s liberals. He said corrections officials must have reason to believe that the person arrested poses a danger before subjecting them to a strip search that is “inherently harmful, humiliating, and degrading.” - The symbolic message the kabalist NWO-ers are sending is that Americans have now been stripped naked - they have no more rights"

compare: New Zealand Passes Outrageous Totalitarian Police State Bill - Can Be 'Detained' On Suspicion, Friends Searched 3-25-12 "...70 different government agencies could obtain surveillance warrants based on suspicion a crime could be committed...If someone was detained under the Bill, enforcement officers could search a person's workplaces and friends, he told Parliament. "You don't have to be guilty of anything, you don't even have to be to be arrested. You only have to be detained."

With what the U.S. Congress is attempting to pull off here, in lock-step with the very-recent SCOTUS strip-search ruling actually, and seeing what just went down in New Zealand [link above], stripping away "due process" protections and handing judicial controls over to unaccountable private authorities is obviously now on the front burner of the global-dictatorship implementation agenda.

Without question, the Zionist NWO-ers are now well into their end game. Be absolutely wide awake. Rev. 18:4
What Shall Be the End of these Things? A.C. Gaebelein, 1933 (Bible prophecy concerning "the end of the age" - for any so inclined)

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