Hillary Clinton Announces Japan To Be Reconstructed With An NWO "Public-Private Partnership" (aka Agenda 21)

Follow up on: NWO 'Japan 9/11' Update: [4-9-11] "the above quote...tells you everything you need to know about what is really happening in (to) Japan. It is Japan's 9/11, compliments of the engineers of the NWO old-world-order-collapsing program...Japan's 9-11 is now proving to be the trigger event that will change the country forever...Japan is very 'old-world-order'. For them to ever be converted to the 'new-world-order' a lot of things would need to be severely 'shaken'. That has happened and is happening and will continue to happen" [see post]
One line from from one paragraph tells the whole story:

Japan earthquake: Clinton announces reconstruction plan bbc

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Japan on an official visit to show solidarity five weeks after the devastating quake and tsunami. She announced in Tokyo that the US and Japan had agreed on a "public-private partnership for reconstruction" under the guidance of Japan's government.
Japan's '9-11' ordo ab chao and the global management system

The post at the 'Follow up' link above addresses the issue of "what is really happening in (to) Japan". Well, there is no longer any need to guess or theorize about it as the answer is now so absurdly obvious it is pathetic: It is classic illuminati ordo ab chao (order out of chaos). Old world Japan is devastated ("chao" or chaos), and little more than five weeks later, arrangements are already in place to convert old-world Japan to the new order (ordo) of things, i.e. the new-world order.

That would be none other than the new order of public-private partnerships, answering not to any sovereign national governments, but answering only to the Cabalist-Zionist global green agenda [here], created for the sole purpose of controlling every activity and every person on the planet. The official title of this 'global-management-plan' is Agenda 21. An even more official title would be the '666'.

All it took to accomplish this pending conversion of the people of Japan into the 'new-world global agenda' was a massive 'quake', followed by a massive 'tsunami', followed by a massive and ongoing 'nuke crisis' that will serve nicely to keep things in a constant state of flux, making smooth the way for the many drastic changes ahead - especially all things anti-nuke and 'going green'.

It should be clearly understood that the entire world is to be and is now in fact in various ways being deconstructed so as to be "reconstructed" into the so-called Agenda 21 public-private partnership new-world-order just the same as Japan - and that there is no plan 'b'. An amazing thing to consider.

compare: NWO Incorporates Egypt: Mubarak Steps Out, Agenda 21 Steps In 2-11-11

See also [posted the day after Japan's '9-11']: Tsunami Update: 3-12-11 "Japan takes a massive hit, green global agenda advances...How is it that the global green agenda of deconstructing western industrialized civilization comes out as the clear and only winner as a result of the horrific event the world has just witnessed this week? ...It is certainly also worth noting here that the advantage goes once again to the global green agenda as nuclear power in the planned 'green-sustainable' future of the planet's peons has no place. None whatsoever. Nuclear tops the list of 'unsustainables' actually...'Natural' disaster? You think?"

Taking over the world is a brutal business. And it is on! Be informed. Rev. 18:4

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"The fourth beast shall devour the earth...[and]...ten kings shall arise" Dan. 7:23-24 [bible prophecy: here]

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