Russia Hoax: Putin 'Re-Elected' With Kabala 77% Vote (And '666') - All Are In On It - Fake Gog-Magog WWIII On Schedule

Vladimir Putin wins fourth term as Russian President with 77% of vote

Vladimir Putin has swept to a landslide victory to secure a fourth term as Russian President, keeping him in power for six more years.

In a widely expected win, Mr Putin secured more than 76.66% of the vote and a turnout of 67.47%, the Central Election Commission said.

Addressing a crowd near Moscow's Red Square, Mr Putin said his victory was a vote of confidence in his achievements.

"We will think about the future of our great Motherland," he said, before leading the crowd in repeated chants.

re: 'more than 76.66% of the vote and a turnout of 67.47%'

Can't make it any more obvious. A 6-6-6 that then turns the total into a '77', and then another '77' in the turnout number. Same impossible numerology reveals reality again - all a production, all are in on it; compare:

They're All In On It: Putin Exactly 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Trump meeting - 1888 Days In Office; And NK Hoax 7-8-17  "...Is there a looming conflict between Russia and the USA...Problem with this is that both Russia and the USA are Zionist-controlled countries. The fact is, which few actually realize, is that the government and country of Russia was completely taken over by the Jewish-Zionist movement in the Jewish-Bolshevik [Bolshevik (a new 'political party') = Zionist] manufactured Russian Revolution of 1917...To think that that control has been somehow relinquished somewhere along the way over the last 100 years is simply not realistic. The infiltration then conquest of the nation of Russia was a major accomplishment for the global-kingdom aspiring Zionist movement..."  [see post]

8-9-17 - North Korea 'Nuke Threat' A Zionist Made-For-TV Psyop - NK Zio-Created 1945; Trump-Putin 777 Connection

4-6-17 - Syria Strike On 777-Trump's 77th Day In Office - Impossible Numerology; New Dawn, Don Rickles

2-16-17 - 'Chaotic' Trump Press Conference '77' Kabala-Numerology Minutes Long - USA Now A Reality TV Show

2-8-18 - More '666' Games: 777-Trump Speaks At 66th National Prayer Breakfast 6 Days After The 666-Dow [2-8-18]

Hidden in plain sight is barely even hidden any more. The ridiculous number game played continually confirms orchestration beyond all possibility of 'chance' and that everything is according to script - and that all are in on it (see above posts for details on that reality)

What script is that? That script is this: fake Gog-Magog WWIII [see for details]

The takeaway is twofold: First is this...the Putin 77% reveals that the fake Gog-Magog WWIII is exactly on schedule; and second, very important to understand (this quoted from 8-9-17 'NK Made-For-TV Psyop' post linked above), "...nothing will ever happen outside of that script. Whatever the plan, whatever the day, whatever the next phase after the one before, it will not come one day early, and will not come one day late - everything by magic-number formula on the magic-number day only aka sorcery"

Kabalists believe the universe [the heavens*] is digital, and that by manipulating the 'digits' they can bring to pass their schemes [link]. Hence the endless numerology, and the reason why nothing is ever done without it.

Rev. 18:4
*Psalms 2:4 'He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision'

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