Gender Robbers Going After Halloween Now - Disney Trying To Dress Boys As 'Tinkerbell'

reposted from 9-9-15
Follow up on: How Bad Is It? Target Removing Gender Labels From Children's Sections 8-8-15 "No Gender December" is the little catch phrase the NWO Bureau of Propaganda (BoP) has come up with for this latest push to force their hermaphrodite-androgynous agenda on the youth of the world, as seen in this 12-6-14 clip from 'Fox and Friends Weekend' [link]. And parents, you are supposed to be totally oblivious and happily go right along with the brainwash and surrender your children to the delusion...because...um...because...they said so -- The reality is this: the gender-robbers are coming for your sons and daughters, and they are not going away. Robbing their gender is robbing their soul. Do not be oblivious, do not be brainwashed, and do not surrender your children to be 'spayed' or 'neutered' so as to fit them for the Orwellian 'Animal Farm' future the ZWO-ers are dreaming of..."


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Oh, and girls can dress like pirates [see article]. Quoting from the 'follow up' post above "the gender robbers are coming for your sons and daughters, and they are not going away". Must must must stay informed. Do not be brainwashed...do not be oblivious. Surrender not your boys and girls to the 'gender robbers'. They are not going away...not yet at least: Malachi 4:1

Rev. 18:4

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Anonymous said...

Let the gender robbers go after Halloween costumes and the like, for Halloween is not of our LORD anyway and the liberty that we have in Christ allows us not to participate in pagan religions/festivals. Halloween, the culture of death, is alive and well within the American church.